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04. Technical Investigations

Computer & Device Forensics

We can help connect the dots when it comes to any technology investigation. We help collect evidence from mobile phones, computers and other forms of technology. We can conduct in-depth cyber investigations and create cybersecurity initiatives to protect sensitive data.

Do you need a private investigator to check your device for malicious spyware? Do you need us to get deleted data from a piece of technology? With an in-house specialist in cybersecurity and device forensics, we are well poised to help you investigate and detect any technology related device.

Bugs (listening devices and cameras)

Do you want to maintain your privacy and security through our listening device and camera detection services? Do you feel someone has knowledge of your plans, movements and other intricate portions of your life?

If you answered yes to any of these, we conduct investigations into surreptitious devices and provide technical surveillance countermeasures for those times where a bug search is not enough.

Most private investigators like to be a jack of all trades. However, the reality is we do not have the $150,000 in equipment nor do we have the staff trained to provided the brain surgeon approach needed for sweeps that require highly sophisticated equipment. We have specialists that do, if you are willing to spend in the neighborhood of $20,000 per day.

If that is not in your budget, we will provide a thorough investigation at a very reasonable price (usually $2 per square foot with a $2,000 minimum). We stay up to date in all the consumer devices available, along with how they work, what they require to operate, range, function and operability in various environments.

We can check your home, car, technology, office for bugs and surreptitious devices. We can find illegal spy devices and conduct further investigation to connect the attribution to a person or company that may have an interest in illegally spying on you.

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