Our Fees

We do things differently. All our practice areas come with flat rate pricing so you know exactly what you are paying for. Hourly billing offers no clarity for our clients.


We endeavor to create package pricing for our clients, but where we cannot (unusual) or our client really wants to pay by the hour, our hourly rate starts at $125-$250 per hour. We do believe our package pricing brings greater value than our hourly pricing to our clients. It also keeps things much more simple, where you aren't nickel and dimed for  every little think like parking fees, toll, mileage expenses, time on the telephone and other extraneous expenses.

Ask us how we can create a custom package price for you.

Here are Some Basic Prices
More Options Are Available Upon Request

Free Initial Consultation

We provide a free initial consultation over the phone. We listen to your situation and we give you a price range to conduct the investigation. We do not reveal our methodologies in this consultation. This is because we treat each client as a separate investigation. We are not a data mill just spewing information. We believe that you deserve a proper strategy and that is done with our team, not with one person's thoughts but a collective effort to ensure we are doing what is appropriate for your case.

Therefore, we give you a price when you call us. We then engage with you through an investigative contract and then plan the strategy.

Free for up to 15 minutes

$95 for 16 -60 minutes

Do It Yourself and Save Money!

Some clients want to do their own thing. In some cases this may be appropriate. We can given general direction and resources should you want to conduct your own investigation. We will provide a written plan you can follow to achieve greater flexibility and substantially reduce costs. We can also help supplement your investigation with reduced cost (50% off) investigative resources as you go about your own investigation.

$495-995 which includes our written plan for a novice to follow and 50% discount on our in-house supplemental research, should you need it.

Cheating Partner & Child Custody Cases

Family law cases include infidelity, cheating partner, surveillance, child custody, child support, caregiver abuse, estate issues and other familial related cases that a private investigator can investigate.

$995 Flat Rate, All-Inclusive

No mileage charge up to 100 total miles

No toll fees up to $25

No charge for our basic written report

Locate a Person

When you need help locating a person we can conduct in-office investigations using our proprietary sources (no we don't Google the person).

Starting at $395 with two day delivery of results to your email.

Background Investigations

We can create bespoke background investigations that are tailored to your needs. We look into backgrounds for pre-employment, relationships, business deals and more.

Prices start at $395 and can go to around $1,500 or more depending upon what you are needing to know.

Asset Investigations

Need to find properties, businesses, bank accountants, collections and other assets?

Prices start at $295 depending on what is needed, but go up to $5,000 to locate international financial assets.

Process Serving

We serve due process to your subject. We specialize in difficult process serves with 30 years of experience.

$350 is our starting price for process service. Call us to find out how much it may cost in your county, as each county is different. There may be discounts if coupled with other services.