You're a Fool! Private Investigator says you deserve it, if you do this...

Only absolute fools behave like this and get themselves into a world of hurt when using these websites. Don't be a a sucker!

So your marriage isn't going so well, and you decide it's high time you get yourself some action. After all, you deserve it, don't you? What you deserve is what happens to foolish people that think with the wrong head.

In two weeks we have had three clients who thought it was cute to sneak around behind their wives back. They had their reasons, but of course it takes two to tango, and their reasons lead them to desire a little something on the side. We're talking a big heaping mound of mash potatoes with some decadently rich gravy pouring all down the sides.

Not really.

We are talking about extra marital affairs. And in each case, they didn't get a side of mashed potatoes, they got a side of "well that's what you deserve!"

Here's What Happens

Each occurrence of the three had some small differences, but all were essentially the same -- namely, they met someone Online who was younger, hotter and promised to fill their egos with her feminine wiles.

Of course, many men have simple minds that run right into the trap. Literally...women are trapping men with massive implications.

Men are using sites where they get to play big, bad sugar daddy and their baby girl is there to take them for a ride, and not the one they hoped for. She is there to blackmail and extort them for all she can get.

In one case, our client was a government contractor, the kind that gets polygraphed every few months and has a handler. After being overseas he came home into the arms of another sugar baby instead of his wife. What did that get him? Two men jumping from behind a curtain in a hotel room! One taking his pictures and the other one getting all the dough he had in his walled ($2,000). But that wasn't enough. They then extorted him for more cash by contacting him with all his wife's information and they knew what his job was. Yep! I think now uncle Sam has him bent over his knee asking him who his daddy is.

The other client was the head of a major overseas healthcare system. His case was complex but suffice it to say he wasn't even communicating with a real woman, as he thought. Then the extortion team contacted his wife, his teenage kids and the board of directors for the hospital system. Up the creek without a paddle....absolutely.

Finally, we had a guy who met with a sugar baby and went to lunch. This woman took photos of his receipts and sent them to his wife to prove she was with him.

This stuff really happens!


I don't care how fine that octopussy is. I don't care how lonely you are. I don't care how rich you pretend to be - you are absolutely daft to cheat on your wife. In addition, these scams are clever and as your head and heart are getting all wrapped up in this chic, the only thing she may be thinking is how to part you from your wallet.

Gents, if you are reading this, work on your relationship. I'm not going to white knight this brief blog article, but get your head in the game or your treacherous heart may lead you into the arms of a blackmail scheme that will have massive implications on your family and business life.