Why Your Home Office or Small Business Needs Cyber Security

Cybersecurity—necessary to all people—provides work from home employees to small businesses the resources to protect their livelihood.

FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center

According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center, they received in 2020 alone over 700,000 complaints totaling losses of more than $4 billion dollars. This is just what was reported. Imagine the people and businesses that did not know where to turn to report their losses. The complaints for 2020 are a dramatic 69% increase over 2019. Check out the Ic3 site here.

Download PDF • 2.72MB

Download the 2020 Annual FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center Report. Or click here to read the report.

Business E-mail Compromises

The leading most costly issue reported is the compromise of business E-mail. Just over 19,000 complaints with potential losses of nearly $2 billion dollars were recorded by the ICCC. This reiterates why it is one of the first things we tackle in helping our clients gain greater security, awareness and education.

We can help your single person home office or small business gain tight control over E-mail security and appropriate procedures. We can help you establish protected E-mail services and assist you in monitoring and investigating threats.

Want to know how a criminal executes a Business Email Compromise? Read the FBI's page on this topic here.

Phishing Scams

Coming in second place is phishing ploys. What is phishing? Defined by the FBI as "use of unsolicited email, text messages, and telephone calls purportedly from a legitimate company requesting personal, financial, and/or login credentials".

We help our home office or business clients to learn how to protect their business information, help write best practices, and create a hardened wall around their delicate infrastructure to ensure you are not a victim of clever Phishing/Vishing/Smishing/Pharming ploys.

  • Vishing scams happen over the phone, voice email, or VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) calls.

  • Smishing scams happen through SMS (text) messages.

  • Pharming scams happen when malicious code is installed on your computer to redirect you to fake websites.

How PRIVATE Helps Home Office & Small Businesses

PRIVATE'S own cyber security division can aid our clients from the most basic of tasks such as coming to your home office and establishing proper network security to complex infrastructure development, monitoring and response.

No matter if you are just a work from home employee or you just have a small home office for personal use, we assist anyone in establishing the correct protocols, procedures and services that are designed to keep your information private.

Here are a few things we can assist you when you work from home or your small business:

  • Reset your home network to proper security protocols and passwords. We conduct an assessment to find flaws in your network and then provide the tools to harden that network from intrusion.

  • Ensure all computers, laptops, mobile devices are up to date and all proper security patches have been installed.

  • Checking all apps and software for any malicious installs that may compromise your privacy and security.

  • Implement encrypted E-mail systems for personal, or business use. We can establish E-mail systems that help a family or a giant corporation with more security then the run of the mill systems most people think of.

  • Establish video conferencing platforms that are more secure than Zoom or other type products.

  • Establish best practices for information retention and privacy

  • Installation and implementation of VPN services (the correct way)

  • Installation of cyber security platforms on remote devices

  • Many more potential cyber security products and services that will aid in your business continuity.

How Do I Get Started?

Cyber security is a daunting and complex subject. We remove the barriers to getting started by offering a streamlined service that is completely created based on our threat assessment and that caters to your needs for simplicity and cost effective considerations.

Simply contact PRIVATE by calling (888) 867-6788 or messaging us here for a brief free consultation and then our Cyber Security principal can engage with you and get your quickly on the right track. Many of our services can be started immediately and we come to you!