Why You Should Hire a Bespoke Private Investigator

I would like to take a few minutes and explain to you why you need a bespoke detective helping you with personal, legal or business matters. There are many reasons that hiring a private investigator should be a personal experience and this article will touch on a few of those points.

Why You Hire a Private Investigator

You hire a private investigator most likely because you are dealing with complex personal or business issue. Perhaps it is a matter so private that your family or best friend isn't likely to know. You likely know that coming to a private investigator means your matter will be handled with confidentiality and sensitivity.

You may be hiring a private investigator because you don't have the experience to deal with the issue at hand. It is very likely you have Googled yourself silly. You know that a professional detective can give you guidance in the best way to move forward, both in what can legally be accomplished, and what services can best suit your particular circumstances.

It also may be true that you are hiring a private investigator because you know we can discreetly investigate something on your behalf without the other person being privy to anything that we are doing.

Regardless of the reason you are hiring me as your private investigator, you are coming to me for custom solutions to your particular matter.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Of course with a lot of the work I do, I can somewhat categorize how a case may be managed with some certainty. Just like a suit maker knows they have certain fabrics available, I know what tools I have developed and use. However, every individual is different. Just like no two people are the same, no two investigations are the same. I look for ways to fit it to your budget, the desired result and within the parameters of legal considerations.

In the same way a tailor will custom create something to your specific needs, down to the minute details, I too create services that serve my client in the best possible way.

What Does Bespoke Service Cost?

Obviously we all like things that fit us well or that work for our specific needs. Whether it be a fit, ergonomics, color choices, longevity and any number of other critical points, the more something fits our needs, the more likely we will enjoy using them and get the most out of it that we can.

I aim to provide that very customizable experience when you hire Steve Garrett (that's me) as your private investigator. I want to get it down to the details. How we will communicate, within a reasonable budget and anything else that may be important to you -- yes, you.

With that said, I spend a lot of time in creating the best approach to getting it right the first time. I use 25+ years of experience to listen carefully and craft an investigation that will help achieve the greatest possible results. This does not mean I know how your case will pan out, but, together, we both want the same thing -- actionable results.

I am not the cheapest private investigator. You always get what you pay for, and I am not desperate for work. As you can imagine, my client load has to be maintained in a way that allows me to give the high quality service I am known for. I travel to some of my discerning clients who want a terrific experience and quality results. Those clients know that more often than not in this business, they only get one chance at getting it right.

I also am not the most expensive. Some of the big firms can be $500 per hour and up. I do have some fees in that area, but most are not. I do charge professionally for my time, resources, travel and experience. If you don't need me at your Hollywood Hills home for a case you will pay far less than if I have to travel to you. If the case can be handled from my office (often the road) then you can benefit from a lower cost to you. This all depends upon the investigation at hand. Is it a security consultation? Then it is likely I need to be on-site. Am I looking for someone you want found? Then it is likely I will do that with my resources from my office.

No matter what your needs are (in-person, or remote), chances are, I can create for you a bespoke custom approach to your investigation needs. It will fit you better. The client relations experience will be far superior and it means you are not just another case file -- you are my client and I will be in a better position to fully devote myself to you in a positive way.

Please get in touch by calling me at (888) 867-6788.