What is a Background Check Investigation?

If you want to know more about the integrity of another person, a background investigation can aid you in understanding certain aspects about someone’s life before and currently. Let’s learn more about background checks and see what the most important aspects are for your consideration.

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Background investigations are customized to the particular issue.

What is a Background Investigation?

A background investigation is a process by which an individual's criminal and other records are obtained and checked for any potential red flags that may be a challenge to the integrity you are needing that person to have.

The specific types of records obtained vary depending on the level of clearance required for the position or the task at hand. All background investigations are bespoke to the matter you are making the inquiry over.

For example, an essential background investigation might only include a check of criminal records. At the same time, a more comprehensive investigation might also have a review of credit history, driving record, and civil court records.

Types of Background Investigations:

There are many different types of background investigations that can be conducted, depending on the type of information being sought.

Some common types of background investigations include:

Pre-employment background investigations:

These are typically conducted by employers before hiring an individual and may include a review of the applicant's criminal history, employment history, credit report, and educational background.

Security clearance background investigations:

Individuals seeking security clearance from the government (e.g., for a job with the military or in a sensitive government position) are required to undergo a more extensive background investigation, which may include a polygraph examination and interviews with family, friends, and neighbors.

Child custody background investigations:

In some cases, courts may order a background investigation conducted on an individual seeking child custody.