What happens if the private investigator knows the person you hired them to follow?

Updated: Jun 13

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Ethical considerations of private investigators

A very good question to ask is, what happens if you hire a private detective and they know the person they are investigating? We will answer that question when we talk briefly about ethics and the private investigator.

If you were to hire a private investigator, and they agreed to conduct an investigation against someone they know, this would be highly unethical. Private investigators must uphold laws, follow regulations and ensure they have high ethics. Should the private investigator not tell their client that they know the subject of the investigation and proceed to take the matter on, they would be violating basic ethics that could cause many problems for your personal, legal or business matter.

So You Are Going to Hire a Private Investigator…

There is a lot to consider when you are about to hire a private investigator. Such as, is the investigator local to me? Should I even hire a private investigator? What type of private investigator should I hire to follow someone?

All good questions and we will focus on the ethics of hiring a licensed private investigator, specifically, “What happens if I hire a private investigator and they know the person I hired them to watch?”

Why Private InvestIgators Spy on a Person

Why in the world do private detectives spy on people? Is spying the proper term to call it when a P.I. watches a person? Is it legal to spy?

Private investigators don’t spy. Spying is espionage, and unless someone is hired to steal secrets that belong to a government or company, they are not a spy.

Private investigators do watch people among other investigative duties. We place them under surveillance. We observe their conduct, behavior, associations, activities and routines. This is lawful, if you are a state licensed private investigator.

So, Why Do Private Investigators Place a Person Under Surveillance?

To answer that, we have to understand the clients motive. Why do they want to hire a private investigator to watch someone? Are they an employer, insurance company, loved one or law firm? What is the lawful reason someone would have to place a person under observation or surveillance?

There are many reasons that are legal for a private investigator to conduct surveillance. Here are a few: