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Vallejo is a city of artistic charm, maritime excellence and historic military might. But, the unfortunate reality is that Vallejo is violent, run down and full of unsavory characters.

Not everyone is bad -- of course not. Genuinely, I wish it was different because Vallejo has a lot to offer. There are great people living here, but the reality is, there is probably not one of those people who wish it wasn't different. Me included.

My private investigation practice sees a lot of cases out of Vallejo and here is some of the reasons people hire me.

Vallejo FBI Crime Reports 2016

Vallejo paints a bleak picture for 2016, thus far according to the FBI's preliminary semiannual Uniform Crime Report, and this is just for January-June.

The table below shows columns of reporting information for both 2015 and 2016 so you can compare crime such as violent crime, rape, murder, property crimes and more.

Vallejo, California FBI UCR 2016

As you can see for the same reporting period the year before violent crime is up in Vallejo with murder seeing two more senseless acts over 2015. Rape is down, but not by far with property crime also taking a slight dip. Burglary, larceny, vehicle theft and arson have all increased.

Again, to reiterate, this is for just 6 months of 2016.

Vallejo's Criminal Activity

According to since February 7, 2017 to March 9, 2017 (the date I wrote this) there have been no fewer than 448 incidents in the city of Vallejo.

You will see 446 represented in this screen shot, however, while I was writing this blog, another two have been reported.

Vallejo criminal activity for 31 days in 2017

Many of the incidents reported on this site are property crimes. Followed by violent crimes and then quality of life crimes; such as drugs and disorderly conduct. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Violent Crimes 75 incidents in last 31 days

  • Property Crimes 354 in last month

  • Quality of Life Crimes 19 in past 31 days

Keep in mind, this is for the last month as of today March 9, 2017. In just the last 3 days there have been 32 incidents, and the last 3 months 1383 reported crimes.

Registered Sex Offenders

Would you like to know who the registered sex offenders are living near you? In California, you can search for a registered sex offender here. You can also have a look here at a list of sex offenders in your area (where available).

What can a person do to protect their children from a sexual predator? According to "Over 90% of children who are molested are victimized by someone they know--a family member, friend of the family, or acquaintance".

The key to preventing sexual assult on a child...constant communication, listening and know before they go -- who are they really with, who really are the people that your child may be acquainting themselves with. Always background check of people you leave your child to, even if they're your neighbor.

Vallejo has between 211-262 registered sex offenders (depending upon data source). A pretty rotten group of people in a city of 120,000 inhabitants.

Why Hire a Vallejo Private Investigator?

Why would someone need to hire me as their local private investigator? Because the good residents of the often deplorable city of Vallejo are sick of not having an advocate on their side. They know that their police department is doing everything it can. With bankruptcy, massive budget cuts, law enforcement lay offs and department cuts, there is little wonder why Vallejo is a city run a muck.

My clients have retained me to help them with:

  • Missing persons

  • Cheating partners

  • Wrongful death investigations

  • Defense case investigation

  • Homicide cases

  • Property crimes

These are a list of cases I have worked arising out of Vallejo.

When the police are too overwhelmed, when Vallejo residents have no one to fight for their right to know truth and when they don't know where to turn...

I offer a listening ear, reasonable private investigator rates and a hard working ethic. Please get in touch asap.

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