The Cost of Not Hiring a Private Investigator

Everyone wants to know what a private investigator costs. Google search results show that one of the most sought after string of keywords are "how much does a private investigator charge". This brief post will share what it costs to not hire a private investigator and what you should be thinking about when you do hire a detective.

The emotional cost of not hiring a private investigator
Really consider the emotional cost of not hiring a private investigator

Weighing the Costs of NOT Hiring a Private Investigator

What are the true costs of not hiring a private investigator? Have you considered the big picture of the legal, family or business decision you are making?

The real cost of not hiring a private investigator during a dispute, legal challenge or before you enter a relationship will far outweigh the costs of an investigation in the first place.

Let's look at three key areas massively impacted by not hiring a private investigator.

#1. Emotional

Experts agree, emotional abuse can have a greater impact than physical abuse. This applies too when a situation has a massive impact on your emotional well-being. You may be facing an errant mate and because you suspect them of cheating you are in a constant state of turmoil. It will impact your other relationships, your work performance and your ability to cope with every day.

Emotional torture is far worse than paying a professional investigator to help you get answers and gain clarity.

#2 Physical

What can happen to you physically? Well, emotional stress can take it's toll. We have even seen our client's hospitalized out of anxiety and illness!

But, there is a far worse physical that may be looming.

What about physical danger? Maybe you are hiring us to conduct a criminal background check on a potential romantic partner. What if we uncovered past restraining orders, resisting arrest or other physical altercations? Would that be worth $500? You bet it would!

Use your imagination and I am sure you can come up with several scenarios that could place you in physical jeopardy and the peace-of-mind hiring a private investigator could bring.

#3 Financial

We have seen time and time again when someone enters into a business or personal relationship and loans money, or begins to provide for someone. What if that $4,000 loan you gave your boyfriend was prefaced with a $950 background investigation, wouldn't it be worth it to save yourself from further loss because we have found that he has left a trail of bad debts.

What if that business you were about to start with a new friend was first started with our private investigators performing due diligence and we found that the potential partner has folded several other ventures and had a bankruptcy. I am sure your business acumen tells you that of course it would be worth a $1500 due diligence investigation.

In Closing

What would you pay for peace-of-mind? Knowing one way or the other is just plain smart. Knowing someones background, financial position, criminal history, associates and more can far outweigh the money you pay for an investigation.

Think clearly before you enter any relationship (business or personal), during any dispute (divorce or legal) and after any damaging situation (theft, litigation, fraud). Getting a private investigator involved just makes sense.