Surveillance Services By Licensed Private Investigator

Surveillance Services by Steve Garrett

Surveillance is the act of closely observing a person(s), an activity, a place or any combination there of. But, 'how might surveillance help me?', you ask. Let's see...

Surveillance Answers Questions

A legal surveillance investigation helps answer a lot of previously unanswered questions - especially when trying to understand the character, identities and habits of an individual.

When you don't know what conduct a person has away from your presence; when you need to identify your subjects associates; when you don't know if the person is being truthful -- surveillance often offers answers to questions that you may have.

What Questions Does Surveillance Answer?

Let's now talk for a moment on the type of questions you may have that surveillance can help answer. Of course the cliche 'follow my partner!' is in the mix, but lets delve a little deeper:

1. Yep - here it is: Is he/she cheating on me?

2. Surveillance of troubled youth while a guardian is not present

3. Investigating the background of a executive level employment candidate; or any other employment hopeful

4. Employees conduct on the job, ie: drivers, field employees, remote working associates

5. The legitimacy of an insurance claim

6. To gather intelligence on a subject to be later used in interviewing the subject

7. To find the culprit of vandalism

8. Counter-surveil for a client who is being watched from another surveillance source

9. Observe and document criminal activity

10. Learn who the subject of surveillance associates with

How Is Surveillance Performed?

There are generally four ways we conduct surveillance:

1. From a vehicle

2. On foot

3. Electronically (remote monitoring via cameras and digital surveillance through internet activities)

4. Unmanned surveillance - where we place hidden cameras in public places

5. Aerial surveillance with the use of drones

By far, we use foot and car for the most part. Electronic surveillance has many legalities to consider before we can attempt to place surreptitious surveillance devices in public places and private spaces are off limits unless a strict list of criteria is met; ie, it is the workplace. Even then, we work closely with counsel to ensure no ones privacy rights are violated.

Mobile Surveillance - By Car

By in large we spend most of our time observing subjects from surveillance vehicles. These are cars, trucks and vans that blend in with the environment and allow us to observe unnoticed. Surveillance of any sort is very tricky and television has never painted an accurate picture as to the difficulties a surveillance investigator faces.

Vehicular surveillance poses many challenges such as traffic, type of driver the subject is, how far we anticipate the subject will travel, weather conditions and more. Surveillance with only one vehicle being used is a sure way to lose your subject, no matter how good you are. Think about following someone who may or may not be looking for surveillance. Think for a moment how many hurdles you would need to overcome to not lose that person and operate a camera when need be. It is no easy job and we always suggest that surveillance involves more than one investigator to ensure maximum results within your budget.

Mobile Surveillance - On Foot

Often enough, the case we are investigating demands us to be on foot. Some of the same challenges as being in a car can present themselves while conducting surveillance on foot. For this reason, we again suggest our clients to budget for more than one surveillance investigator.

Being on foot allows us to be more agile and nimble in urban environments such as a city like San Francisco. This is especially true if the person, we have under observation, walks or uses public transportation. Following from a car is a poor plan in this situation, but following on foot so that one can navigate discreetly behind the subject through trains, buses, etc can be a winning move for the private surveillance detective.

Have Realistic Expectations of Surveillance

We always want to deliver what our client expects. But, it is important for us to convey a realistic outlook in any investigation, especially surveillance where anything can happen at any moment.

We are professionals conducting surveillance often, and we find ourselves facing challenges on each and every assignment. We uses those challenges to become better at driving, anticipating, disguising and reporting.

To Conclude...

We use HD cameras that can send our clients real-time updates from the field, where and when possible. We provide professional surveillance operations that are carefully thought out and planned.

Let's talk about your surveillance needs by contacting us or calling us at 707-204-0830. We are real, local private investigators working in the Bay Area.