Surveillance—Consumers Should Know This

Updated: Jun 18

The video above is many years old, but none the less, still relevant today.

Investigators will not be precise when it comes to the topic of vehicular surveillance. Vehicular surveillance is following another person with the use of a car. We aim to dispel the myths and provide consumers with an honest understanding of mobile and crewless surveillance operations so that you may make an informed choice on whether you should hire a private investigator to watch someone.

Consumers should know that surveillance is the act of placing another person or location under observation. A lack of clarity is an issue for a variety of reasons. Private investigators may surveil a person for an insurance company or a domestic problem. Law enforcement may build cases by conducting surveillance on criminals involved in various illegal activities.

Surveillance - What You Need to Understand


Surveillance performed from automobiles is the most common surveillance platform for private investigators. Because most people drive from point to point, motor vehicle surveillance is essential to many private investigations such as errant partners, child welfare and during work related incident investigations..

When the subject of investigation utilizes their automobile to go to work, school, social situations, and more, private investigators must use an automobile to keep track of the activities the subject is engaging in.


Unlike other forms of investigation, surveillance gives our client a fundamental understanding of a person's identity, characteristics, habits, whereabouts, associations, etc. Surveillance is the act of placing a person’s conduct under observation for any one of numerous lawful reasons.

Surveillance gives our clients a genuine understanding of the investigative subject's lifestyle and provides video or photographic documentation for review and decision making.

It helps to answer questions such as:

  • Is the claimant telling the truth about alleged injuries?

  • Is my partner being faithful, when I suspect they are not?

  • Is the parent of my child really providing for the welfare of my child during visittation?

  • Are employees taking liberties while working from home?

  • Are company associates really working while in the field?

  • Is my teenager abiding by my rules when I cannot be there to monitor them?

  • Is there cohabitation between my ex partner and their new partner - can this help my alimony case?

  • Is my ex partners new love interest good with my kids?

  • And dozens of other custom created solutions