Surveillance—Consumers Should Know This

Consumers are quite frankly mislead when it comes to the topic of vehicular surveillance, following another person with the use of a car. We aim to dispel the myths and provide consumers with an honest understanding of mobile surveillance operations so that you may make an informed choice.

The video above is many years old, but none the less, still relevant today.


Surveillance performed from automobiles is the most common surveillance platform for private investigators. Because, most people drive from point to point motor vehicle surveillance is an important aspect in many private investigations.

When the subject of investigation utilizes their automobile to go to work, school, social situations and more, private investigators must use an automobile to keep track of the activities the subject is engaged in.


Unlike other forms of investigation, surveillance gives our client a real understanding of a person's identity, characteristics, habits, whereabouts, associations, etc. It is the act of placing their conduct under observation for any one of numerous lawful reasons.

Surveillance gives our clients a true understanding with video or photographic documentation of the investigative subject for review and decision making.


Surveillance is very complicated and really requires more than one investigator in more than one automobile when it is a mobile situation.

Here are a few factors that make surveillance operations logistically difficult:

  • Traffic - It is the bane of a private investigators existence. Traffic pops out of driveways as you approach a light and the subject goes right through it, not to mention many other difficulties with high traffic flow and city streets.

  • Not being made - Getting made or burned is when the subject recognizes surveillance. This happens when there is only one surveillance (follow) vehicle.

  • No backup - This is essential when conducting surveillance to get the best possible angles and documentation. Not having an additional surveillance vehicle means that the one investigator has to manage too many environmental issues by himself.

  • Subject drives aggressively - Another very common issue is the subject of investigation driving very fast or aggressively. Again, with one vehicle, attempting to do the same in order to keep surveillance on the subject only opens that one car up to be noticed thus negatively impacting the surveillance.

We are happy to help you with an honest assessment of your surveillance needs. Please call us at (888) 867-6788 for a free consultation.


Consumers are mislead by dishonest private investigators. Ultimately it is your decision on whether you can afford to spend the money on a two or three person surveillance team, but it should be your decision. You should not be mislead into believing something that isn't true in order to get your business.

Yes, there are some very good surveillance investigators out there, especially the folks that do it every day for many years. However, they are still susceptible to human error and the environmental considerations.

There is no law enforcement agency that conducts mobile surveillance with one vehicle. It just does not happen. Surveillance needs more than one in order to not lose the surveillance.


  • Losing the subject more often than not.

  • Compromises to the discreetness of the investigation.

  • No good or usable film or photographs because one investigator is managing environmental issues.

  • More frustration and low morale from one investigator makes for a bad case.

  • Lying to the client in order to cover up the truth of the situation with a single surveillance operative.

Better results come from a team of investigators conducting surveillance. Better documentation, less loss and a more complete investigation.

We are happy to help you with an honest assessment of your surveillance needs. Please call us at (888) 867-6788 for a free consultation.


Hire more. You will not be wasting your investigative budget. We will conduct static surveillance with one investigator, but if it is to be a mobile investigation, you should have more than one.

Don't be duped by slick talking private investigators. They will lose the subject and some will even lie about the situation.

If you really only can afford one investigator, we at least feel we have informed the consumer and understand that not everyone can afford two or three person surveillance teams. We only want you to be informed that surveillance is not like television. It is complex and should not be treated lightly.


We are happy to help you with an honest assessment of your surveillance needs. Please call us at (888) 867-6788 for a free consultation.

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