Stolen Tires

When the rubber meets the road, so does a theft ring who was stealing tires from a distributor.

Our client was a national tire and wheel distributor. They came to us when customers were not receiving tires they should have received in their order.

What Did We Do?

First thing was, we assessed the current personnel. We focused in on a couple of people working for our client.

We put a person in undercover so they could get close and learn more about the subjects we wanted to observe.

We also began surveillance on the trucks that would leave the facility loaded with the tires.

Our inside man learned that there were two drivers working with one supervisor that seemed to have a certain relationship that was different than the other employees. One of the drivers was the supervisors cousin.

What Happened?

Our surveillance team finally figured it out. The drivers were going approximately 5 miles away and stopping near to their regular deliveries. Another man driving a smaller truck would meet them there and take between 1-3 tires off the delivery truck.

Pure and simple theft.

After documenting this a few times we conducted an interview of the drivers, then the supervisor.

The one cousin was starting his own tire shop, and no one knew. Until the investigation that is.

This investigation cost our client $34,000 and took a little over a month. Total loss to the client was over $175,000 in stolen property.