Social Media: It Can Cost You Your Job

In a press release issued by CareerBuilder they share some interesting statistics and information on how potential employers screen candidates with Google and candidates social media profiles.

The data is alarming, but par for the course and the use of social media to know more about the character, conduct and experience of the candidate are only growing.

Here is a brief excerpt from the CareerBuilder press release:

Forty-nine percent of hiring managers who screen candidates via social networks said they’ve found information that caused them not to hire a candidate.

  • Provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos or information – 46 percent

  • Information about candidate drinking or using drugs – 43 percent

  • Discriminatory comments related to race, religion, gender, etc. – 33 percent

  • Candidate bad-mouthed previous company or fellow employee – 31 percent

  • Poor communication skills – 29 percent

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