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What is a process server and what is the service of due process? We will provide a little more information on what process serving is and you will also learn our basic costs for providing process service in San Francisco Bay Area.

Essentially, giving a citizen due process is a constitutional requirement. It means that you are informing them that a legal proceeding has began and that they are party to it, usually as a defendant. The service of due process gives the person served the opportunity to adequately prepare for a court date and respond if appropriate.

If you are keen to know a lot more about process serving and would like a good general article that explains it well, then click her to go to a Wikipedia article on the subject. HOW CAN PRIVATE HELP ME WITH PROCESS SERVING? PRIVATE is an investigation firm and as such we are duly qualified legally and otherwise to provide process serving in the greater Bay Area. We offer various services that can aid our clients in locating a subject, serving the person and documenting the process service with the courts.

Here are some common process service requests we receive and our al a carte pricing:

Locating a Person To Be Served (prices start at $350)

Sometimes our clients don't know the location of the person they would like to serve. In this case, our private investigation "expertise" goes to work and locates the most up to date location on the subject.

Rush Same Day Process Serving (prices start at $395)

Do you need someone served now? Do you need same day process serving? We can help by dispatching a PRIVATE agent that is in-house to aid in your request. All same day process serves include one hour of waiting time, after hours serve and include all other expenses.

24 Hour Process Serve (prices start at $350)

If you can wait up to 24 hours, you save a little money by choosing our 24 hour request. This means, we will serve the subject due process within 24 hours of receiving your paid request.

Standard Process Service (prices start at $295)

With our standard service, we will serve the person within three days.

Additional Defendant at the Same Location (prices start at $95)

If you have an additional defendant to serve at the same location, then the additional fee is only $95.

All our prices are from or starting at what is listed. Certain places such as high rise buildings will be + parking. Some locations may be + toll. We will provide up to 2 attempts, but most of the time we get the person within one attempt. Certain areas of Bay Area may only receive 1 attempt without additional cost. WHAT TYPES OF PROCESS SERVICE DO YOU PERFORM? We provide the service for the following court proceedings:

  • Small Claims Court Proceedings

  • Civil Due Process

  • Family Law Court Service of Due Process

  • Eviction Notice Service of Due Process

  • Unlawful Detainer Process Service



Yes, we have additional services that may be of use to you and your process serving matter. Here are a few of them, and never hesitate to ask how we can customize an approach for you.

  • Waiting/Stake Out Until Subject Can Be Seen and Served $95 per hour

  • Additional Investigative Services to Locate a Subject - Hard to Serve Persons

  • We File In Court For You - (same day) $125

  • We File In Court For You - (standard) $95

  • Court Record Retrieval - $195 + fees

If you have additional questions about our capabilities, prices and or to talk over a strategy, please get in touch.