Questions a Private Investigator Asks

Private investigators ask questions

You're probably wondering what a private investigator asks, when they perform a consultation or interview subjects in an investigation. This article will discuss questions a private investigator needs to ask and hope to answer some of your own questions in the process.

During a Consultation

Before you hire a private investigator, he/she will have a few questions to ask you. The questions we ask are meant to help us in several areas:

1.Get a big picture idea of what problems are facing

2. Sort and sift for solutions to those problems

3. Gauge your understanding of the matter at hand

4. Formulate how we can best work with our client

5. Helps us to know whether you are a client we can help

We ask questions that give us a deeper depth of understanding. We want to be fully prepared to take on cases we believe we can have some relative success with.

During a consultation we may ask:

  • Why you think something is happening?

  • Who could be involved?

  • Why do you think they are persons of interest?

  • Have you ever dealt with a similar circumstance?

  • What outcome are you hoping for?

  • How quickly do you need some resolution?

  • If the outcome is different than you may expect, how will you handle it?

  • What are the alternatives?

These questions and more, may be headed in your direction. You, as our client, are one of the most important points of intelligence for us. Forthright conversation into the who, what, when, where and why's helps us to do the very best job on your behalf.

Questions We Ask Subjects of Investigation

Depending on why you hired us, we may have to talk to more people than just yourself. Sometimes these people are witnesses or have some other first hand knowledge of the matter we are looking into. Questions are rarely the same and are customized to the matter at hand and the person we are talking to. We wouldn't ask the cook who saw some one slip and fall the same questions as the passer-by who witnessed a guy run into a building and set it a fire.

Here are a few questions we may ask to those that can offer value in our investigation:

How do you know this person?

When did you last see this person?

Where were you when this happened?

What time did you see this?

What was the weather like during that time?

Did anyone else see this happen?

Who else do you think knows this person well?

What did you smell when you heard the bang?

Did you hear anyone else shouting?

Really, the questions are endless and depending upon the experience of the investigator, finding the right questions to ask should not be difficult.

One of the best tools a private detective has in his or her bag of tricks is to ask the right questions, thus giving them leads to follow up on. Are we nosey? No. We're an inquisitive bunch. We know that if we don't ask, we'll never really know. And you hire us to know and help you to know better.