Private Investigator Reports: Should You Get One?

Updated: Jun 13

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Should I get a report from the private investigator I hired? Private investigators don’t all give written reports. Determine if you should receive a report and how you might obtain one and what the benefits are to waiting until your investigation is completed to receive a report from your private investigator.

Yes, a private investigator should issue you a report of their findings. But, this does not have to be in the way you may be thinking of a report. Most states say that a private investigator must report to their client and this can take on several different forms. A private investigator may call you, text you, email you, or send a message through their case management system. It comes down to what method you and the private investigator agree upon in their reporting the matters of your private case.

What You Will Learn in This Blog Article:

Are Private Investigators Required to Give a Written Report?

This is a question that is asked a lot. Most of the time, it is asked so that the client might avoid paying for a private investigation report, or because the client wants to know what is happening up to the minute or daily.

The short answer is no. Private investigators are not legally obligated to provide you with a written report. They are obligated to report to their client in the way that is mutually agreed upon and paid for by the client. The California Code of Regulations, says in part: “Investigative reports shall be submitted to a customer at such times and in such manner as has been agreed upon between the licensee and the customer.”

This means, that if we agree to text messages, that is Private reporting our findings to you via text. Or, should we agree to a phone call, that is considered a report. However, at Private, we do things differently. Allow me to momentarily explain.

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Integrity Report is our trademarked written report–it is our work product. Our report contains the f