Privacy vs. Security

PRIVATUS, the blog for privacy related topics, presents a very simple blog on the difference in privacy and security. The two are not the same, although they can be used as a compliment to each other. What is the basic difference in privacy and security? Let's dive in and find out.

What Do You Consider Private?

Let's have a quick look into what most of us consider private in our lives.

The vast majority of us that say we don't care about privacy, we don't care that Google reads our emails in Gmail, we don't care that Facebook knows where we are at all times or that Apple misleads the public with their claim to being 'privacy friendly'. We just have a blasé attitude towards our personal lives and place all our trust into these giant companies for our privacy and security of that privacy.

That said, what is private? What do you hold dear and think is none of anyone else business? Your friends and the friendships and deep connections you have with them? Your personal struggles in life -- addiction, relationships, financial hardships, coping with our own insecurities, flaws and imperfections? Your personal photographs of your kids growing up? The mole on your backside? Your health issues and care? The list goes on....

If any of these are private, then why is social media in a round about way, able to coerce this information from a vast amount of people? Yes, people have been brainwashed into showing the pictures of their children, airing their dirty relationship laundry, show the mole on their backside and more!

Privacy is gone!

The Difference in Privacy and Security

In short, privacy has to do with your right to privacy and how your private information is controlled and in what cases you allow it to be shared. Ultimately, you are responsible for taking the steps to control your privacy, not some government agency, not big tech companies, just you. There are a few circumstances where you seemingly must give personally identifiable information, but this can be limited in what you share, how you share it and you will need to analyze the risk vs the reward.

Security is the protection of that privacy. Privacy and security are like a married couple. Each has an important role to play and they can be united, but are two distinctly different things. A security breach can occur without a breach to your privacy and the other way around. But often the media confuses and does not do a good job at distinguishing these related but different issues.

I give credit to a YouTube video by Data Enriched Mining -- to be honest, I have no idea what they are all about, but in preparing for this topic I was looking for a good analogy on the difference in privacy and security and they explain it like this...

Brass Tacks

Suppose you were to move to a very safe town. The town was known for being a pleasant place with very little crime. Suddenly their is a rash of break-ins occurred and everyone's TVs were stolen. Home owners then decide to put bars on their windows to give themselves a level of protection they previously did not have (security).

Some time goes by and suddenly the news reports that a series of peeping tom issues has arisen and there are photographs of people inside their homes floating around the Internet. Homeowners now make sure all their windows are covered with curtains where no one can see in when the curtains are drawn (privacy).

From this great example, you can see the difference in privacy and security. They both can work together with some degree of harmony, but they each have a different role to play.

In Conclusion

Now that you understand the differences, you owe it to yourself and your future life, to get privacy and security in your life. Adapt yourself to changes that allow you to live a fulfilling, but private life to the point you feel comfortable.

We always want our clients to take action. I encourage you to start with a somewhat simple task. Download a password management app. We recommend Bitwarden but just use one. Bitwarden is free and has other plans that are very inexpensive. Change all your passwords on all your accounts. Take an hour or two to do this and you will feel so much better about your security and your privacy. We get no compensation from Bitwarden, it is just the service I use in business and personal life. Not as slick of a product as others on the market, but I don't want to be fooled by a pretty thing with no security substance. That is why I use Bitwarden. Keepass is another great password generator and management system.

Do something now to secure and privatize your life. Privacy should be a basic right. But big tech companies are brainwashing us into thinking it is the other way around. Get started now!

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