PRIVACY - Get your life back!

It's your life and you should be in charge of what you share, who you share it with and in what way you share it. Get more privacy in life with a few simple steps. This article will give you a brief overview of getting more privacy by doing less.


Private has offered privacy consulting services since 2003. It all started when I had the idea when I found out that paparazzi's were digging through my Client's garbage. I began coming up with different methods to help my clients conceal information about themselves in both the physical sense and the digital sense. Although, most of my methods continue to evolve as technology evolves and my own understanding grows, it remains the same that people crave more privacy in life, and I can help them with that.


It may seem odd that a private investigator can offer privacy oriented services. It may seem counter-intuitive. Based on my nearly 30 years experience of being a private investigator, it has given me the education I need to help my clients gain greater privacy in their lives. I have developed custom approaches to each individual clients lifestyle and built them new approaches in new found freedom from prying eyes. Being a private investigator with a strong background in learning about people, aids me in this respect a great deal as I can offer a perspective any of the new privacy consultants who focus only on digital media, can't offer. I am the OG in privacy consulting and have aided people in all walks of life with many bespoke approaches from digital decluttering to physical tactics that will bring more privacy to your life.


Okay, I won't win any popularity contests with this one. But, think about it. You are leaking information, no matter how careful you are, or what you think you are doing to mitigate information sharing. Social Media addiction is a massive problem the world over. If you want real privacy, I can help you find alternative ways to have your selfies adored.


No, your Hotmail account is not secure, neither is your WhatsApp or your other communication. Lack of privacy can lead to a lack of security. I will teach you other methods to communicate via phone, text or email.


Your passwords are ridiculous. Use a service to keep track of your passwords. I can recommend a few and it will give you much greater peace-of-mind. Password managers are not all the same, so check with me on some current recommendations, but start to button up your digital life by creating all new passwords with letters, numbers and special symbols. Don't worry, your password manager can be on your computer, and phone so you'll never have to remember them and always have ready access.


2FA is Two-Factor Authentication. Get this onto as may accounts as possible. Most Online services have this now and you should turn it on! When you do, after you put in your passcode to enter a site, it will prompt you for a multi-digit authentication number that you will get from your phone app. 2FA is an absolute necessity.


When looking for more privacy there are compromises. The world in the last 20 years has gone into an upheaval and privacy has been thrown out the window in favor of convenience. So achieving privacy will take some thoughtful reprogramming of how you do things that you may be now accustomed to.

I can help you take baby-steps or a full fledged run at making your life more private. I have many other areas of life to cover when we consult, but digital privacy is the low hanging fruit that we always start with.

Give me a call at (888) 867-6788 to have a free 15 minute discussion. Privacy consulting services start at $600 and go into many thousands depending upon the level of service you desire. Whether you want to acquire some of your basic privacy, or you want to disappear altogether, I am your privacy consultant that can help make that happen.