Know Before You Go - Premarital Engagement Background Checks

In today's "want it now" society, people get married quick, often before they ever really get to know their potential marriage mate. Then after, we hear " I should have known" and perhaps you could have known if you did a premarital background check while you were still engaged.

Engagement Background Checks are Necessary Before Marriage
This Fine Fellow is Hiding Flowers - Some Hide More - Engagement Background Checks Can Save Lives

You Are Not Betraying Their Trust

Prior to engaging a client into our office we often hear that a person knows that they should conduct a background check but they feel like they are breeding distrust or some sort of betrayal if their significant other knew that they were doing this. This is simply not true. Although it is good to consider this view point -- it can be a misguiding notion that a premarital background check is some how wrong. Is it wrong to know some important facts about someone you intend to spend the rest of your life with? We think not, especially when someone's literal life can hang in the balance.

Parents Hire Private Investigator For Engagement Background Check

More often than not, it is parents that contact our office for a premarital background investigation. Sometimes they feel left in the dark about their son or daughters mate. They often are not told about their education and told that their job is none of their business. When a parent confronts their child about the person having any criminal history or financial negligence, the doting partner gets defensive and even worse, shuts the parents out!

Parents should discreetly inquire with a private investigator without telling their child. This saves from pushing family away when it should be a time of joy. Our investigations never tip our hand and there is no paper trail for anyone to find when we conduct a engagement or premarital background check.

What We Look For

Here are a few areas our engagement background check covers:

  • Validate name and find aliases, including maiden names

  • We get their true Date of Birth

  • We validate that they have a real Social Security Number

  • We look for criminal history

  • We check for registered sex offenses

  • We look at driving records for DUIs, suspensions and more

  • We look for any civil records such as lawsuits that are pending or have happened

  • Validation of professional licenses or hidden licenses that have been suspended

  • We protect future spouses from financial disaster from their spouse having tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, IRS issues and defaults.

  • We get a list of their relatives

  • We acquire names of associates

  • Cursory Social Media investigation

  • Find cell phone and landline numbers current and historical

  • We search their home state for any real estate holdings

  • We look for businesses in their names

  • We look for corporation or LLC affiliations

  • and more!

All of this under the supervision and approval of a licensed private investigator. This is a good start to peace-of-mind and just $950 and completed within 48 hours. Each one of these investigation points have significant value. Call us at (800) 962-1931 so we can explain how these will help you know more about your future.

You Should Know More and We Can Help

Please bear in mind that our experience has shown that our clients often come to us when it is too late. Please for your sake, for your family sake, for your kids (if you are remarrying) allow us to conduct a premarital background investigation on your future partner.

We have seen people hidden from their families, brain washed, financially decimated, physically abused, emotionally destroyed. We have helped people escape horrible situations and a great majority of these issues could have been mitigated with a $950 engagement background check.

We look forward to helping you, so please get in touch by calling us at (800) 962-1931 or through our contact page.