Unmasked. Why I want to create a personal private investigation experience.

Many private investigation firms hide behind corporate structures. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I will explain in this post why I decided it was not in my clients best interest to create a facade as a private investigator.

My Background as a Private Investigator

I became a private investigator because the desire was there since I was a kid. I remember being asked in 1st grade what my favorite food was (hot dog at the time) and what I wanted to be (Indiana Jones being one of them) and private investigator being the other. I still have a notebook that I had when I was a kid and in the front cover I named my agency "Mission Investigations". Yep, I had a plan!

As it turns out, Mission Investigations did not come to fruition, but, I did become a private investigator at a fairly young age. It started with working for an agency on workers compensation claim cases and had other iterations as time progressed. You can read more here.

Why I Prefer My Personal Brand Over Corporate Cover

First, I want to say that there is nothing wrong with hiring a corporate private investigation firm. I have owned one! However, I noticed that clients found a corporate name to be off-putting and unapproachable. My clients have a personal matter and don't want that potentially discussed with a receptionist, a case intake person, the lead investigator and the field staff. They want reasonable access to the person working on the case and timely answers straight from the horse's mouth.

Impressive sounding company names (usually cheesy things with the word "spy" or "intelligence" in them) sound cool and maybe even a little mysterious. That's pretty neat, but hey, the name of the agency does not denote the level of security, discretion or workmanship.


Perceived Abilities of Corporate Type Private Investigation Agencies

Often, a client may perceive that an agency with massive presence means that there are a bunch of secret agents with special skill sets running around in the halls of their offices. While it is true that there are detective agencies with some very skilled staff, most of the time what is perceived from websites and marketing material is window dressing. That is to say, looks can be deceiving.

I have been a private investigator for a long time. It has exposed me to a wide variety of cases and contacts. If I have to use someone to assist me in something technical such as computer forensics, I have trusted partners and I will always disclose that to you. I will not put on an heir of mystery and make you believe that my staff down the hall is doing the work.

Closing Thoughts

I wrote this brief blog article. I am not a writer, I am a detective or investigator, whichever you prefer to refer to me as. In an attempt to share what I think and observe or know based on my experience, I say things that may rub someone the wrong way. I care -- but don't care. I care about speaking the truth as it relates to what I do. I want to impress upon you the fact that you have freedom of choice. If you do not select me, Steve Garrett, as your private investigator and you want to go with a reputable corporation, then go for it! You have my support.

I'd like the chance to review your case, share my not so secret ways of helping you and sharing up front the costs of getting started. Why not contact me to get started?

Call me directly at (888) 867-6788 and I will personally answer and help you find the right path forward.