P.I. Locates Friends & Family

Have you ever lost touch with someone meaningful in your life? Most of us have. We get caught up in day-to-day activities and before you know it ten years has passed! We help our clients locate friends and family that

We locate friends and family that you have lost contact with
Locating friends and family can lead to a lot of joy

they have lost touch with. Here are a few reasons you may want to find a friend or family member.

Important Information

Perhaps you need to find someone to relay important information. Unfortunately people contact us after someone close has passed on. Other times it may be some joyful news such as a new baby or they have other information to share.

Recently, a client hired us to locate his sister. She had been living on the streets and she needed to know that their mother was having open heart surgery and our client wanted to help her financially. We have also helped locate family so that estates can be fairly distributed, or other important real life issues can be managed.

Right a Wrong

Who hasn't had a scuffle in their family at some point or another? Sometimes something so mundane can lead to long-term familial strain and distant friends and family. Has that happened to you?

If you have lost touch and perhaps would like to make things right again, there is no time like the present. Life is too short to hold animosity and strife for another important person. We can help you locate people so that you can make the effort to right a wrong.

Rekindle Lost Connections

We have all heard of the love stories that begin long ago and then re initiate and turn into something fantastic. That is the reality often of rekindling lost connections. Or, what about an old friend, we recently had wonderful case where we reunited two old friends.

We were contacted by a gentleman who was nearing late 70's. He served in the Korean war with someone and then they started a band together after the war. Sometime later in the 80's they lost touch. We found the old friend, and the joy they each had was worth everything. In fact, the man we located had said he was just thinking of his old pal the day before!

Just Being Nosy

Sometimes, you may just be a bit nosy (curious). Maybe the person you once loved has remarried or if they have kids or if they still live near you. Our locate investigations can help answer those questions and more.

How I Help

I can likely find the person you are looking for, what ever the legal reason. We use vast data sources available to private investigators to help locate people. We usually find people in just a couple days.

What Does It Cost to Find Someone?

My price starts at $4000 to locate someone and often have same day results. We will attempt to find their most current address and report that to you. In addition, we sometimes run across their phone numbers and email addresses - what a bonus!

How Do I Get Started Finding Friends and Family?

Please reach out to us so we can talk for a few minutes. You can call us at (213) 444-2280 or use our contact box on our home page.