P.I. Finds Persons: Locate people you need to find

I locate people each and every day. I have learned what works and what doesn't work. If you would like me to locate a person with our in-house data on over 96% of adult Americans, and a money back guarantee, then please get in touch.

PRIVATE™ lnvestigators locate people
We locate people all over the world. We can find 96% of adult Americans

Locate a Person Starting at $400

I help people find people. Seems simple enough, but even with my powerful data sources, it still can take some time. Most of my locates ordered by noon Monday-Saturday are completed within two days. I locate people who need to find a debtor that skipped out on payments. I also locate deadbeat parents who are neglecting their responsibilities to their children. I can locate an old flame, a school friend from high-school and family you have lost touch with. I can find most anyone in the USA and internationally at additional cost.

Not all person locates are the same, some are much more difficult, especially when they have large debts, or have another reason to hide. Those cases incur additional cost.

What I Need to Find a Person

Besides the subjects full name, I will also need one or more of these tracing points:

  • Last Known Address

  • Date of Birth

  • Social Security Number

  • Current or Past Phone Number

If I don't have one of the four above mentioned tracing points along with their full name, there will be additional costs, because I need these in order to successfully complete the investigation.

What I Will Return To You

I will find their most recent address based on data we locate. If I can't find their most recent address, then they don't want to be found and can't be found with out additional investigation services at additional cost. We can discuss this if the time comes.

Once I find them I will return their full address and sometimes I will locate a phone number and email address, although I can only promise to return their most recent address on file. You will be notified through our secure portal that the investigation is complete and what the results are for the the people find.

Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason, there is no record indicating a new address for the subject of investigation. I will promptly refund your money through the same way you paid. This means that there is no data available with your subjects most recent address (90 days or less).