Locate Someone / Find a Person

We locate people each and every day. We have learned what works and what doesn't work. If you would like us to locate a person with our in-house data on over 96% of adult Americans, then please get in touch.

PRIVATE™ lnvestigators locate people
We locate people all over the world. We can find 96% of adult Americans

Locate a Person For $350

We help people find people. Seems simple enough, but even with our powerful data sources, it still can take some time. Most of our locates ordered by noon Monday-Saturday are completed the same day. We locate people who need to find a debtor that skipped out on payments. We also locate deadbeat parents who are neglecting their responsibilities to their children. We can locate an old flame, a school friend from high-school and family you have lost touch with. We can find most anyone in the USA for the $350 and internationally at additional cost.

What We Need to Find a Person

Besides their full name, we will also need one or more of these:

  • Last Known Address

  • Date of Birth

  • Social Security Number

If we don't have one of the three above mentioned and their full name, we won't be able to help you at the $350 level. We can still assist, but it will take much more work and will require additional costs.

What We Will Return To You

We will find their most recent address in our system. If our investigator can't find their address, then they don't want to be found and can't be found with out additional investigation services at additional cost.

Once we find them we will return their full address and sometimes we will locate a phone number and email address, although we only promise to return their most recent address on file. You will be notified through our secure portal that the investigation is complete and what the results are for the the people find.

We look forward to helping you locate someone for just $350, so please get in touch by calling us at (800) 962-1931 or through our contact page.