Local Napa Valley Private Investigator

When I decided to firmly root my private investigation practice in the Napa Valley, I wondered if it would be too far from the big city and all the juicy cases that make the private detective world interesting.

Although the agency that follows my name, Steve Garrett, has been quietly serving Napa clients since 2004, after I moved from my Sunset Boulevard office in West Hollywood, there are a great deal of corporate and private clients that still don't know that we are here. So we decided to change a few elements of how we do business here in Napa County and now we are making more in-roads than ever.

Why We Are Different

There have been a few good private investigators in Napa over the years, and I don't aim to be the only private investigator -- competition is healthy. What I aim to do is offer more education to my potential clients here on our website www.privateinvestigator.fyi. I also want to make myself available to local Napa companies, lawyers and decision makers with presentations on subjects such as due diligence and one that I am especially passionate about — background investigations.

Another point that differentiates me from the truly local private investigators is presentation. We are in the business of public trust. Our clients have to trust that we will behave ethically, morally and legally at all times. they also have to trust that our work product, our reports, will be presentable, provide concise details and that we will provide an overall good impression when appearing in court or before authorities when working cases on our clients behalf. In other words, we need to be professional.

One way to determine if the Napa private investigator you are calling is serious about their business is: they'll answer the phone! I can't tell you how many times people tell me they can't get a hold of my competitors. Ok, by me; just another sign that perhaps the investigator is working a day job and not fully involved in the business. Of course, if they return your call in a reasonable time, that's okay.

The other thing to look at is the presentation of the Napa detective's website. Most that I have seen over the years are just pathetic. I am not saying this with egotism, my website isn't that special, but for goodness sake...free sites from phone companies with templates that have no imagination or just really outdated pages that are dark and sparsely populated with unusable information just does not present a professional image. Website presentation is important when evaluating a Napa private detective because it just may give you insight into how they handle their business.

Are They Really Local Napa Private Investigators?

Napa has had it's fair share of private investigators that were not really local. Everyone, including private investigators from out of the state and from Southern California seem to want a piece of the Napa Valley private investigator action.

It's your choice, but having a local investigator means you can reach out when you need and have a face-to-face conversation. It brings some peace of mind to know that there is a real firm working on your case rather than some keyword stuffed website that sells your information on to desperate P.I.s who work for pennies on the dollar.

In Closing

Napa is a special place for me. I partially grew up here before relocating to Los Angeles as a teenager. I have come and gone from Napa a few times over the last 30 years, always eager to return and now with a more permanent game plan in place rather than just taking high profile or high ticket cases; I feel settled on working for the citizens of Napa County and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

I will still work abroad as I have some on-going interests in Europe, but Napa citizens, law firms, wealth managers and companies can now have equal opportunity to the specialized services I offer.

I look forward to a conversation with you...just pick up the phone and call me (707) 204-0830