Limited Surveillance Special Offer

We watch quietly and give you the most privacy.
Discreet Surveillance

What is surveillance and why would you hire PRIVATE to place someone under surveillance? What does a surveillance investigation cost? These great questions are the most often asked of our agency. We will tell you why surveillance may be important and make you a special offer in the next few paragraphs.


Surveillance: What is it?

People watch people. Cameras watch people, often with another person watching the cameras; surveillance is the art and science of placing someone or something under close observation.

You've probably seen TV and movies portray either a daft detective or a secret agent type watching someone. It may not be as amusing as fiction, but we do it to provide important answers to some tough questions.

Who Do We Watch?

If you have a lawful purpose, we may be able to help. We watch cheating partners, people committing fraud, negligent parents and more.

What Does Surveillance Cost?

PRIVATE has a special offer available to newly acquired clients only. We will provide you with surveillance services at an all inclusive rate of $95 per hour for one investigator. Need an additional surveillance operator, add one for only $75 per hour.

Please note: We have a 4 hour minimum, total miles from our base of operations to the case and the investigation itself must be less than 75 miles (small additional charge for more), and a small credit card transaction fee. Report writing cost extra (only if needed).

Offer limited to first time clients and expires July 31, 2018. Prices subject to be changed based on demand.