I've Never Done This Before: What to expect when hiring a private investigator.

I know that it is a very rare occasion when one finds themselves needing the professional services of a private investigator. "I have never done this before" is in the top 3 things clients say to us when I consult with them. This brief article will help you rest at ease and know what to expect when you call to hire me as your private investigator.

Person who has never hired a private investigator
"I have never done this before." The number 1 of 3 things our clients tell us.

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So You Have Never Hired a Private Investigator Before?

Welcome! I know the reason you are hiring us is not always pleasant, so let's get the elephant in the room out of the way. You are needing help and you don't know where else to turn. But, you have never "done this" until now.

Not many people have had to hire a private investigator, and when they do they feel like they don't know where to start. I am here to help you make the process as simple as possible and here are 3 ways we can make it a little better.

#1 I Listen

When you call and speak to me I will take a few minutes to listen to what troubles you. It helps if you can provide a brief five-minute outline of the situation at hand. Helping me to understand your matter is where the whole investigation begins. I recommend that you think about it before calling me so you can collect your thoughts and share them in the best possible way. Based on my investigative experience and the fact that we speak to many people a day, we most likely have heard of similar matters and can help you get started with a strategy quicker with your succinctly shared information.

#2 I Understand

After you have taken a few minutes to share with me the matter you face, I will repeat back what we understand the case to be. Feel free to correct me if I've have misunderstood. I will begin to ask you some questions for some greater clarity and full understand what needs to be investigated so we can develop the all important strategy.

#3 I Share the Options

After you have shared your issue and we have clearly understood it; I can then begin by sharing the options that are applicable to your issue. This is where we give you feedback on what may best suit your investigation and how much it costs. You will then likely have a question or two and I will answer those and see if what we offer seems to be a good fit.

Finally, we will set you up in our case management software so you can receive a contract and invoice and so you can share information we have requested to begin the investigation.


That is it. Of course this is a simplified approach, but never the less, it is an approach we take to every investigation. It keeps your mind free of more clutter and complication. It gives me the opportunity to learn and provide you with the investigative options.

After you become a Client then all the case management is done through an encrypted secure online portal. This further enhances information security and organized communication with your case.

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