How to Search For Someone Before You Hire a Private Investigator

There are many free services you can find on Google, Yahoo or Bing to locate a person. They are not what our private investigators use, but see what you can do with the person search you are conducting. If you have Googled yourself silly, then reach out to me so I can assist you with your people search.

Private Investigators Looking For People
After hours upon hours Online looking for a person why not call our private investigators?

How to Get Started Locating a Person

If you are going out on your own to locate a person and you haven't yet decided to hire a private investigator for a people search then here are some tips to help you get started in finding that important person that you want to locate.

Tip #1: Get Organized

When you get started in locating a person such as an old flame or forgotten family member, get all your relevant facts together such as their full name, their birth day (or approximate age), last known town, city or state. Get started with all the relevant information, but just not too much information. Keep it concise to reasonable facts that you can use in your Google or other type of people search.

Tip #2: Don't Overload Your People Search

Don't attempt to have every little detail. Stick to information you have known or can gather from other family members. Consider the person's life, what they did for a living, who their family is, where they were last known to be and other important facts that will help you stay focused on your search for a person you need to find.

Tip #3: Reach Out

As previously mentioned, contact friends, family and known associates. People who have known the person you want to find are a treasure trove of facts that may just help you land their location without even jumping onto your computer. Ask questions and ye shall receive answers.

Tip #4: Learn How To Search

There are a number of ways to use Google as a good search tool, many most of us don't practice on a day-to-day basis. I have found 20 ways you can use Google to enhance your search and we recommend you reading those 20 Google Search Tips to Use Google More Efficiently.

Tip #5: Get Help

Okay, so you have spoken to Aunt Bessie and Cousin Todd and still haven't found the person are looking for. You have been Online googling until your eyes have bled and you are still no closer to finding the person you are looking for. Now it may be time to hire our private investigators who conduct people searches everyday. We find persons who are evasive, who are lost, who are missing and who are just chilling underneath the fabric of Online society. It is okay to get help. It can be time effective, cost very little and you will be getting a seasoned investigators review of all the information found. All this is just $350! So, give it a shot and if you can't find a person our people locate investigations likely can.


You can more effectively search Google with various tips and tricks. One is to use quotation marks. When you don't use quotation marks, Google thinks you are looking for any of those words. When you do use for example "Locate a person fast" Google will look for that specific set of words. This help when looking for "Tim Smith, Duncan, Ohio".

Here’s some free ways to search for people:

  1. Google

  2. Facebook