How Surveillance Can Help an Asset Investigation

Most people think that surveillance is for cheating spouses, but that is not so. We routinely use surveillance to help us know more about potential assets that may be obscured and otherwise unknown. Here is brief look at how surveillance can aid an asset search.

How Surveillance Can Help an Asset Investigation

Surveillance is often thought about when there is a matter of infidelity or a workers compensation claim, but it also is a useful tool in some asset investigation searches.

Watching someone with a surveillance investigation opens a lot of doors. It helps us to understand more about the projects that they may be interested in or the business they may attend to during the surveillance. Here are just a couple of examples of how surveillance helped us find assets.

The Hidden Silent Partner

We once conducted surveillance to help our client locate additional assets that his business partner was suspicious over. The asset ended up being a 18 million dollar development project in southern California.

We started by placing the individual under surveillance, and for three days there was nothing of interest. Then, our investigator followed him to a project that was near completion It was a mixed use project of condos and professional offices.

Then, on day four and five, the subject was seen walking around the project with his laptop and a city inspector. We knew then that he had some interest in this project and probably had a key role.

We started to dig in on the address and learned that he was listed as one of the partners on a building permit. We then found the LLC the project was created in and found a couple of member names. We made contact with one of those members who so nicely told us that the Subject of our investigation was one of the financiers and that all the finances ran through him. It was then we knew we had him. We then ended up finding that he had a Cayman Island bank account that his other business partner had no knowledge of nor that he was developing projects without his business partners blessing.

The Irish Gentlemen

We were contacted by a client who lived in Ireland. His wife routinely came to America under the guise that she was meeting with her spiritual adviser. Our client asked us to look into who this "adviser" was and to ascertain if his wife was really meeting with him. The answer was no and that his wife was actually having an affair with another man...yeah we caught that on tape.

Some weeks later the Irish client contacted us as he was secretly planning the divorce and his lawyers wanted to know what means the American had. Among other assets we learned that he had interest in a golf course and he owned an airplane in an LLC from Wyoming that had a proxy to hide his name.

We found all this information, through two weeks of surveillance. We learned that the golf course too was in an LLC from Delaware. Again, similar in nature to the Wyoming where the identities of the management was hidden, but we connected the dots.

Needless to say, this brought our client to the negotiating table. He went from what was a t$3,000,000 dollar negotiation to less than $700,000 settlement. Our fees were somewhere around $12,000. Worth it? You bet.

In Closing

Surveillance has helped our clients in untold cases. Perhaps it can help in yours. Call us at (800) 962-1931 to see if we can use surveillance to aid you in finding assets.