How Much Does It Cost For a Private Investigator to Find People?

If you are looking to find a person, there is no doubt that you have used Google, Facebook and maybe even one of those Online search tools that finds "anyone" for $20. Now you're here and this is where most probably your search will end — the buck stops here. Read on to see how we can help you find a person and what it costs for a private investigator to find a person.

How much does it cost to find a person?
Looking for a person can be daunting. We can help.

The Cost to Hire a Private Investigator to Find a Person

Before getting to the nitty-gritty on what it costs to hire a detective to locate someone, it's important to set the stage.

First, understand that not everyone's case is not the same. Finding you might be easier than finding the next person. We assume nothing and follow the same steps each time in the beginning phase of our investigation, so that our person search is organized, methodical and thorough.

Second, we have to start with something more than "John". Even if you have a full name "John Smith" we will still need more, so depending on your case we will ask for more details such as birth date, last known address, phone number or Social Security Number, if known.

Third, your case may need additional work. Our starting price may begin at our regular stage 1, but your matter may have to go to stage 2 or 3. Each of these additional stages of investigation are only needed if we cannot find the person within stage 1 (the vast majority we do) and you will need to approve additional stages of investigation.

We promise to tell you the prices soon, but want to continue to help you understand the process a bit more.

How We Begin Each Person Locate

We begin each investigation into locating a person with speaking to you for a few minutes to understand a bit more about your ultimate goal, analyze the information you have to start with and then letting you know:

1. Is the person able to be found?

2. The cost to find them in stage 1 and what some additional costs may be, should your matter need them.

3. An honest assessment on how likely we will find someone.

What Does It Cost to Find a Person?

You have made it this far and rightly so, it is time to share what it costs to locate someone.

Stage 1: Based on having identifiable information and a searchable name, the cost to find a person is $350 and takes up to 2 days. This also assumes you have provided us with birth dates, Social Security Number, last known address (one of these will do).

Stage 2: Other factors such as tracing a cell phone number or geo-location through email may make stage 2 an additional $300-400.

Stage 3: This is when we get into some custom territory and we may need to create a strategy that would likely be billed by the hour.

What Will We Find on the Person?

You are hiring us to locate them, but in the process of looking through various data we may find their telephone number and email, neither are guaranteed, only the address is — but, we often do locate a phone number and an email.

And, of course you will receive the most current address on file for them.

What Kind of Guarantee is There?

We guarantee our professional diligence. We have a lot of years as private investigators and we locate people each and every day. Our success rate is high, although we don't really keep track of percentages. But, if I had to guess it would be somewhere up around 90% of all people are located with our in-house data investigations.

However, bear in mind that every person is different, so we cannot possibly tell you what we will find and we cannot guarantee that the person will be there when you knock on the door. There are far too many variables to each individual circumstance. The bright side is we have current private, government and proprietary data on approximately 95% of American adults, so your chances are very good.

In Closing

We really enjoy helping our clients find a person. We offer a transparent process that helps our clients understand what to expect without over promising anything. We keep our prices fair and we love finding people within the stated $350.

If we can help you find someone, please don't hesitate to talk to us so we can help you get started now.