Get a Background Check on Myself

We all wonder at some point or another what information is available on ourselves. Some that wonder contact our private investigation agency and ask for a background check on themselves for many reasons. We will touch on a couple reasons why some ask us the question: how do I get a background check on myself?

Get a background check on yourself.  Personal background checks
Some wonder what information is floating around out there on them. They call us for a personal background check.

What Information is Out There on Me?

So you want to know what a background check might look like on you. Perhaps you wonder what addresses show up, if any aliases you once used may still be there, or if a criminal history you once had still shows. A personal background check on yourself can help you see what information private investigators can find and how it might be perceived.

Why You Want a Personal Background Check

There are many reasons someone would want a personal background check. A couple of the most popular reasons are:

1. Preparing for a new job

2. Engaging in a business deal

3. Know that perhaps your future spouse will conduct a background check.

Let's take a look at the merits of each reason you would want a personal background investigation.

Preparing For a New Job

This is one of the most likely reasons someone would come to us for a personal background check. People want to know what human resources at a prospective employer might find. Or, what might be found by an HR initiated investigation. This is usually because someone knows they have something in their background that is potentially negative and it may impact there ability to land the job.

We have had numerous requests from:

  • Law enforcement applicants

  • Fire academy potential new hires

  • Management jobs in bigger companies

  • Child care and elder care positions

  • Security or investigative applicants

  • Public service careers

Regardless the reason, we can help you learn what might be found in your background.

Future Family Conducting Background Check on You

So you made it to the point of potentially spending the rest of your life with him/her. Congratulations! But, did you know this is the second most common reason someone hires us to conduct background checks for? Yes, your potential spouse, partner or their family may just be on the defense, and rightly so — no offense, but this is the way it is these days.

What Does a Personal Background Check Look For?

This is a good question. We start with an interview with you to ask some pertinent questions that will aid us in looking at your background the way the potential background would be looked at from. For example, if you are going for a job as a security guard, what would the security company look for in a background check? We then look at it from that perspective.

Some people just want a complete, non-intrusive (meaning we don't interview people) background check. They want us to locate what ever is out there on them. This might include:

  1. Address history

  2. Criminal history

  3. Professional credential validation

  4. Business associations

  5. Lawsuits you have been associated with

  6. Workers compensation claims you have mad

  7. Whether you have liens, judgments or bankruptcies

  8. Who your family and friends are

There are additional parts of your life we can look into, but those would be added a la carte, depending upon your circumstances.

What Does a Personal Background Check Cost?

A personal background check is not expensive. There are customizations we can make, and those may cost a little extra, but generally speaking you can have your background investigated for $350-950. The price variations are dependent upon your footprint in life such as businesses you've owned, reasons for background check, how we approach the investigation, what criminal history we are searching for, etc.