Child Custody

A client recently came to us to help him with a child custody case. Here's what happened...

We don't spend the time to go into great detail on the entirety of our closed cases, but here is what happened in a nutshell.

Our clients child's mother, the subject of investigation, was known to be a drug abuser. In and out of treatment and in constant turmoil with our client, he decided to get legal help and get evidence to support his assertions that she was an active drug addict.

What We Did

We placed her under surveillance. We watched while she was living at hotels, leaving her baby in the hotel room unattended, documenting leaving the baby in her car while she was in the laundry mat, etc.

This investigation took several days and cost our client $15,000.

But What Did He Get?

He received confirmation. He got conclusive proof that the woman was junked out and not taking adequate care of the child. He also got full custody. Was it worth the expense? He thinks so.

Value For Money

Was it worth $15,000 to get this child away from this neglectful mother. Yes! Without a doubt, anyone reading this would not want to see a child in this situation (a toddler at that).

Money can be made, again and again. That child has one chance at a healthy, happy and secure life.