Cheating Partner Spousal Infidelity

Are you worried your partner is being deceptive? Do you see signs that your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is being unfaithful? Get the bottom line details here for what you should know in uncovering a lying partner who cheats. Read to the bottom to see what you get when you hire PRIVATE and what it costs to hire a private investigator.

Are you and your partner not seeing eye-to-eye?

ABOUT US: PRIVATE is a California licensed private investigation agency. Our principal associates have backgrounds and education in law, intelligence and law enforcement. Chief investigator Steve Garrett has 30 years of investigative and security consulting experience. Our principal team leaders have 85 years of experience in investigations, security consulting, cybersecurity and computer forensics. Call us to discuss your cheating partner/infidelity matter at (888) 867-6788 or message us.


Look, there are plenty of websites telling you all the signs of a cheating partner. We won't rehash this same content and you well know, or you would not be here, what is happening in your particular relationship. You don't need us to reassure you with our conjecture on the signs of a bad relationship or how a cheater behaves. You already know this and you need help.


We provide private investigation services. We can legally investigate anything, including a partner who may be unfaithful. You want to know what we do, what we cannot do and what it may cost you. So here goes...


It may not surprise you that often, surveillance—the act of watching someone, is the go to tool in a private investigator's toolbox. But, this not the only thing that can be done. Here is a few bullet list points of what we can do to help you during this difficult situation:

  • We listen to what you have to say - this helps us truly understand your personal situation

  • We establish the best course of action in your particular matter (everyone is different)

  • We minimize the cost to you by always looking for other possible solutions that may offer greater value for money

Contact PRIVATE at any time by calling (888) 867-6788 or by messaging us here.


Now to the tools we use to perform an investigation:

  • We may uncover the true owners of unknown phone numbers (we don't use Google sources)

  • We research a license plate numbers you may have written down

  • We look for hidden or obscured social media accounts

  • We locate people on dating websites

  • We find bank accounts (if preparing for divorce litigation)

  • We can GPS track their vehicle (with restrictions)

  • We can find people they may be associated with

  • We place the cheater under surveillance or observation


While there are many solutions that we can implement, there is, of course, actions we cannot take.

  • We cannot obtain phone texts (unless we have a device in front of us)

  • We cannot enter private property without proper authorization

  • We cannot obtain medical information (HIPPA regulated)

  • We cannot arrest someone (besides a citizens arrest)

  • We cannot illegally hack computers or phones

Contact PRIVATE at any time by calling (888) 867-6788 or by messaging us here.


  • You pay us via debit or credit card via our Website

  • You get private access to our case management software so that there are no messages on your device

  • You get a private text number that you can text to your account

  • You will receive a Professional Services Contract that you will electronically sign

  • You will receive a free basic report (quick message via our portal, text message - formal reports are extra)

  • You will receive photographs or video

  • You will not pay for gas, toll, mileage or parking (our prices are all inclusive)

  • You will receive one license plate registration information for a car we have seen during investigation

  • You will receive one telephone number subscriber information (basic level) for no additional cost


Contact PRIVATE at any time by calling (888) 867-6788 or by messaging us here.

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​Two Agents is Best Option

​What's Included?

​Gas, Toll, Mileage up to 50 miles, Parking

​Gas, Toll, Mileage up to 50 miles, Parking

Gas, Toll, Mileage up to 50 miles per day, Parking

Gas, Toll, Mileage up to 100 miles per day, Parking

​What You Receive

​Photos + Informal Report

​Photos + Informal Report

Photos + Informal Report

​Photos or Video + Formal Report

​Notes: Any reporting to client is done at the completion of investigation within 2 business days.

Contact PRIVATE at any time by calling (888) 867-6788 or by messaging us here.