Can You Background Check Your Ex-Spouse’s New Partner?

Background check new spouse family split apart
Background investigation on ex-spouse new live-in partne

I get the question often–can I background check my ex-spouse's new partner? When a married couple splits, there are many questions in moving forward. Especially those couples that had a family with children. Often, children are put into new surroundings when one of the ex-spouses moves on.

Yes, you can background investigate your ex-spouse's new live-in partner. A background check is a good idea when you see red flags alerting you to potentially adverse circumstances that your children may be facing in their new environment. Knowing more about the ex-spouse's new live-in gives you clarity on their integrity and character, with prices starting at $400 to hire a private investigator.

How To Background Check a Live-In Partner

Naturally, you want to understand that if the answer is yes, you can background check your ex-spouse's live-in partner–how would you do that?

The vital point to remember is to do it. Don't think about it; get it done, as I have seen many private investigation clients wish they had done so at the outset of learning the other person had a new partner.

You Could Roll The Dice With Online Sites

As you are probably aware, many online sites say they know better than a private investigator. These websites purport that their purely digital data is a better choice than hiring a professional. I'm afraid I have to disagree; yes, I am biased. But here's why.

Online Background Check Sites Are Scraped Data

Generally speaking, many of these online sources are websites scraping information and using it as their formal data. Data scraping refers to computer programs extracting and moving the data to another site.

Even if the data comes directly from the source, say a courthouse, there still can be errors. Some states report up to 40% inaccurate data.

Online Sources Have No Context

The other pitfall is that these sites offer no context. Likely the context a private investigator can bring to the equation is of far greater value than raw data.

Private investigators look at the entirety of the matter and can make observations and recommendations.

Private investigators can compare data in many locations and even find errors within the data. One moment you think that the person did something errant, but once the private investigator connects other dots, you realize that was the wrong "Roger Smith."

A detective reviews data as a clue, connects data from multiple sources and then relates that to the person's identifiers such as birth date, last known phone number, address history, etc.

Why You Should Background Check Your Ex-Spouse Live-In Partner

The reason is apparent as some people have something to hide, and the new live-in partner may not have told your ex-spouse entirely about their past.

Not conducting a background check is dangerous, not only to your ex-spouse but also to any children that may be involved.