Background Checks: You Should Know Better

There is one process, more often than not, overlooked in nearly every single relationship -- be it business or pleasure; and that is the — background investigation.

You can't possibly build a castle to fortify every decision you make in life. However, one of the most important things any one making a decision can make is whether they should embark on a relationship with the subject in question.

Is this person someone I can hire that will not negatively impact my company with past skeletons in their closet?

Is this person worthy of public trust? Can we hire them into a responsible position with a good deal of certainty?

Would I marry this person based on what I know? What do I not know about them from 10 years ago?

Is it safe for me to get involved with this person and introduce them to family, friends, my kids?

These are just some questions to consider. Make up your own, it isn't difficult to see how any relationship can have a positive or possibly a negative impact on our life.

Business Fortification — The Background Investigation Can Help

Why aren't you? Why haven't you even considered conducting looking at your personnel more closely? The purpose of this blog post is not to cite cases where a background check/investigation could have prevented massive challenges; rather it is to help our reader think a bit more about the ramifications of not conducting an appropriate background investigation.

A background investigation means business. It is a business decision that can impact you in more ways than I can count. Why don't you start to imagine scenarios in which something might slide past therefore impacting your reputation and business continuity.

Personal Protection — Protecting Your Personal Life

It amazes me how gullible we all can be. In a BBC Feature Story we read that "It's not a question of intelligence – even Nobel Prize winners have fallen for some bizarre and baseless theories."

The story goes on to tell us that those of us that are "absent minded miss details in what some one shares with us. We are biased to the overall gist of what they tell us rather than the details and specifics.

We judge based on feelings of right and wrong rather than details that should open the door to more questions. It doesn't mean we are wrong,it just means that we usually evaluate truth on certain aspects of cognitive psychology that we may not be aware of. (an interesting article for another time)

So how does this impact me and personal relationships? Our intuition can mislead us into accepting the gist of what a person tells us — it happens to all of us. Background investigating a loved one that you intend to invest in with time, emotion and expense — albeit, a beautiful life course — tends to never happen.

But, it should.

Know Better

Don't fall prey to a gullible notion when hiring or entering a personal relationship. They say "time will tell" but you can avoid unpleasant circumstances at the outset without having public embarrassment or putting your kids in the path of a person with a less than desirable past.

Get a background investigation and gain some peace of mind in knowing unfamiliar aspects of the individual and make decisions that protect you and all you hold dear.

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