Background Check - He lied about his name

In a recent investigation, we were presented with an interesting case where a client had believed her husband was not using his real name.

Our client grew concerned when she found documents that eluded that her husband had lied to her about his real name, family and where he was from!

Concerned that she could be with a sociopath, our client asked us to investigate her husband.

What Did We Do?

We began with looking at documentation she had gathered. An important document was a photo copy of a drivers license. We looked into it and found that it was fake.

We then began a background check and learned that this unbelievably bad guy has a completely different name - real name. We also learned, his family was not who he said they were and that he had a criminal history, which included domestic violence.

This case cost our client $4800.00.

What Happened?

She was just shy of the annulment period and was able to use an attorney to help her get the annulment.

Based on her intuition and our investigation she was able to perhaps, save herself from potential abuse, fraud and a few other things that goes along with gross misrepresentation.

Would you have paid $4800 to learn this information? Or would you have been happy to stay with a partner like this?