Motor Vehicle Records and Research

Updated: Jun 12


With a valid legal reason, we can find automotive records that help our clients during challenges such as hit and runs, harassment, legal process service and more.

We can track locations of where a particular vehicle has been, often times with records that updated the day before. We can also help our clients understand who the registered owner of a motor vehicle is with proper legal reason, through nationwide motor vehicle registration searches.


Where and when legal, we can conduct an investigation into where a vehicle has been through License Plate Recognition systems that we have legal access to. We provide our clients with photo positive proof of where a vehicle was photographed—whether late at night or during the day. If it has been photographed via numerous methods, we can find it.

Our services will tell you the location of the vehicle at the times it was photographed with GPS specific data and an exact address. This is especially helpful when looking for an asset to recover, investigation into fraud or other permissible purposes.

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Do you have a license plate number and need to know who the registered owner is? With permissible purpose and legal reasons, we can investigate the name and address (where legal) of the registered owner of a motor vehicle nationwide.

Perhaps you are dealing with a matter of grave importance and the registered owner of a car, truck or van will help your legal case. We can help. We will run the license plate (when legal) through various data sources to get you accurate registration information. Most motor vehicle registration matters are available to you within 48 hours or less.

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Only have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)? We can equally help you in locating the motor vehicles location or registration information.

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