6 Reasons To Hire Me

Being a Private Investigator Is In My Blood.

Yes, being a private investigator was something that now seems, looking back, inevitable. I don't have any family that were detectives, only my own deep need to satisfy me desire for intrigue and adventure was what paved the way for me from an early age.

I'll be brief with this introduction to me, Steve Garrett, but suffice it to say that my insatiable appetite for reading at an early age was in large part the catalyst for my career choice.

Too, I was shaped by television personas that made the world of private investigation work fun, exciting, and full of comradery. Televisions shows such as Rockford Files, Magnum, PI, Simon & Simon and Remington Steele really helped me visualize myself as a private detective. Silly sounding, I know, but none the less true.

Fast forward...(a lot of years).

Here I am, doing what I love to do, which leads me to my first real point as to why you should hire me as your private investigator.

1. I Love What I Do!

I am extremely enthusiastic about my work. I am highly motivate on each and every case I take. It is just the most satisfying, gratifying and pleasing work I could have imagined.

I get to help solve problems, something I really enjoy doing. I get to be creative about finding solutions that help my clients gain clarity. And although I find similarities in different cases, no two cases are ever the same.

Getting up each day with a fresh assignment or in digging deeper into a project really is a lot of fun and although it is work, it is the kind of work I always saw myself doing and I enjoy it as a passion.

2. Because I Care

I care about what I do. This is not a large or even medium sized firm. As I say, it is kind of like a boutique. When you walk through my doors I am attentive. I listen well and I take care to get it right. Then I am thoughtful in my approach to your matter, paying special attention to the little things you say and respecting your wishes.

I care because I know there are a lot of private investigators that "just do the work" and I made a commitment a long time ago to be more than that.

Of course I will work the case, but I also know for a fact that some old fashioned listening skills go a long way in my business. We listen, watch and read carefully and that is a core group of skills any private investigator needs.

I care about being the investigator that helps you find workable solutions that help you make important decisions, whether you are a private client, a law firm or a company.

3. Experienced Investigator

Experience matters. A private investigator is much different than being a police officer, a CIA operative or a security guard. Being experienced as a private investigator means you have experience working withing the private sector where your buddy cop friends can't help you (it's illegal for them to use police resources). You can't use your CIA skills to take out a dignitary or steal secrets and finally...we don't run and gun as security contractors.

My experience is in private work. I have to follow laws, understand how a jury might look at a case and have a deep understanding in how private people think, act and do things that we help our clients understand.

My 23 years as an in the trenches private investigator has taught me how to respond well to individuals and corporate needs that minimize risk and exposure while maintaining the quality of my investigative services.

4. Creativity - A Private Investigators Necessary Tool

Creativity ranks in the top 3 skills a private investigator needs. Thoughtful, skillful and well crafted approaches to my clients matters is important in providing discreet and confidential private investigation services.

What may apply to one client, may very well not apply to another investigative client. My job is to, while getting results for my client, protect their need for anonymity, discretion and ethical case management.

In essence, creativity is more than just some cool idea to get you the intelligence you need to make a decision. It is about being thoughtful to the bigger picture, which in many cases means the balance of digging deeper while exercising extreme discretion.

5. I Am A Real Private Investigator

What do I mean when I say I am a real private investigator? It's no slam on other P.I.'s but I am very human in how I deal with my clients. Being ethical and professional does not preclude me from being a human being who attempts to put myself in your shoes.

Whether you're an attorney, decision maker at a company, a third party administrator (TPA) or a private client, I work very hard at understanding what challenge you face (large or small) and working hard with you in mind. I try to understand your motives and take them on board with the investigation I am conducting on your behalf.

I have fellow feeling. This means, although sometimes I have to just get on with it, and not let myself get too bothered by a wrongful death, an accident, a missing child, etc, I can feel what frustration you feel and this motivates me to work very hard in the investigation. I want answers, often as badly as you do.

The other, and not final, thing that makes me real is that I make myself available to my clients. I am approachable. Granted, if you are a Florida client there will be some expenses to us meeting, but suffice it to say I have taken many trips to different areas to meet my clients. But, if you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, I will be sure to sit down with you when you engage my private investigation services. I even work in Southern California in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area still (where I got my California private investigation start).

6. I Am A Fairly Priced Private Detective

I believe for my experience and success as a private investigator, that I happen to be very fairly priced. Price should not be your sole deciding factor, but of course we all have budgets.

I will work within the the framework of your budget where you will have total control of how I spend your money. My clients are kept abreast of my time, expenses and other necessary investigative costs as we go. There is no surprises and together we craft the best plan that is available to you when we conduct our investigations.

If your budget is a little shy of where it needs to be, I'll be upfront and tell you. Perhaps I can find a solution to work within that budget, but don't be shy when I ask you what you have budgeted — it is only asked so that I can find solutions that may fit your financial parameter.

The other thing that makes my private investigation prices so fair is that I go the extra mile for my client. I truly want to be your answer guy and find the information you need to face formidable and complex matter, so often, I will go above and beyond for my clients.

You might enjoy reading more about my choices as a private investigator.

If there is anything more I can share, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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