5 Ways We Help Private Clients & Families

Updated: Jun 12

Sometimes some crazy things happen in life. Wouldn't you agree? Time and unforeseen circumstances plague each and every human in existence, and in some cases there is not much we can do to prevent every negative thing from happening to us or loved ones.

However, there are ways we as private investigators can help. We help by making some very important personal decisions a little easier by having factual information that can aid you in making sometimes often difficult choices.

Here are 5 ways we might help you

1. Private Investigation Surveillance

Sometimes we just need to see for ourselves. Surveillance helps us to know what happens when we aren't around or when there is a need to discreetly understand another persons conduct, behavior, associates, etc.

Our surveillance can be manned or in some cases unmanned, we can also get really creative on bicycles, with drones and hiding in the bush.

When can surveillance by a licensed private investigator help you as a private client?

  • During difficulties in matrimonial matters. Sometimes we just need to know why someone is behaving out of character.

  • When you suspect that your spouse is cheating. A cheating partner is usually felt, but knowing for sure helps us to make some important decisions on what to do next.

  • When you need to know more about someone you just started dating or may begin a significant relationship with.

  • When you want to know if your child is really safe with non-custodial parent, baby sitter, family, school, etc.

2. Locate a Person Using a Detective

Sometimes there is a really good reason someone may want to find someone they have lost touch with.

Have you lost touch with an old flame, perhaps high school friends or college buddies — how about family? Families, oddly enough, loose touch all the time and a private investigator (that's us) can help you find someone with a good reason. And, since not all people want to be found, a responsible private investigator (us again) will make contact with that person and get permission for you as our client to contact them.