5 Reasons You Should Hire Me

PRIVATE is my company name, but most people know me by my first name, Steve. I create a personal boutique style private investigation experience with my clients. Our detective agency is small, nimble and ready to act.

#1 - I Get S#!% Done!

Because I run a nimble boutique style agency, I can get right to your matter without all the bureaucracy of a big company. I don’t wait to roll up my sleeves. I create a strategy that best serves your needs, not lining a corporate pocket. I go to work on your legal, business or personal matter.

#2 - I Truly Care

I care about the plight of my clients. Not a single one of us walks God's green earth without experiencing very human issues. We all go through family matters, business issues, legal cases and make mistakes along the way. I begin helping my clients with a listening ear and a friendly place to start on their journey of getting answers.

My 30 years of experience is the greatest gift I can give my clients. With that experience you will be lead in the right direction when you hire PRIVATE.

Call me to find out how I can help you (888) 867-6788.

#3 - My Team is Strong

I'm only as good as the people I surround myself with. My team has extraordinary experience in investigations, law, intelligence, security consulting, privacy consulting, cyber security, computer forensics and legal services. We see ourselves as a collective unit and I work with my team on each case to make sure we are doing quality work and creating value for our client.

#4 - I Manage All Aspects of Your Case

Discretion first. There is only 1 person, in most circumstances, that knows who you are—- that person is me. I keep everything discreet and I am the one person who engages with you and manages every aspect of your matter. You won’t be speaking with sales, case intake, case manager or some other person in a big firm. You only have me to protect your sensitive situation.

When I need another person’s expertise, such as my cybersecurity chief to be on your case, I ask your permission to divulge only pertinent information for them to do their job.

I send you our contract, set you up in our case management system and relay information during or after your investigation. This helps maintain your privacy and I never have to worry about a rogue employee who could steal personal data. No one but me has access to our client files.

Call me to find out how I can help you (888) 867-6788.

#5 - We Bring Something Unique

Our skills come from doing—for a long time. We are not only paper trained and educated, but we have many years of experience. The 3 principals of my firm have 85 years of investigation, intelligence, legal and cybersecurity experience.

We constantly stay abreast of the most current methods to conduct our business. This may be from formal education, seminars or associations we connect with.

#5 Because I Can Solve Your Problem

Chances are, I have worked on a case like yours before. With 30 years of my experience alone I have investigated a plethora of issues. From corporate fraud to homicide. I help my clients by making your problem my problem.

Do This Now!

Call me at (888) 867-6788 or message me. Just get in touch. I will personally work on your case and keep you informed.


ABOUT US: We are legal private investigators in California aiding our clients in the investigation of integrity of people and processes. Our California private investigation detectives are well versed in the discreet art of undetectable investigations. Call us to discuss your personal, business or legal matter at (888) 867-6788 or message us.