3 Ways a Private Investigator And Plumber Are Similar

Updated: Jun 12

Several years ago I had a major plumbing issue in one of my properties. I thought I knew exactly what the problem was, and worked to fix the problem only several hours later to be still stuck with the same problem.

Once I put my male pride aside, I called some professional plumbers. Still thinking (and internally convinced I was correct) I knew the problem, I persisted by telling each plumber I called what the issue was and after about 4 or 5 calls found the plumber with the best price and called him out.

Now mind you — I was convinced I knew the problem, it was a serious matter, nothing would go right until it was resolved, I tried to fix it myself and I was convinced that the problem I thought it was, should only cost a very small amount to fix, and convinced the plumber over the phone that is all it was -- and that is what he prepared the job for.

Boy was I wrong.

1. Private Investigators and Plumbers Deal With Some Serious Crap

Now of course there is a pun in point 1, but really, have you considered what private investigators might find themselves investigating?

Like a plumber, sometimes we find ourselves up to our elbows in some serious ____________(insert expletive here).

I remember my first homicide investigation; nope, wasn't prepared for the things I had to see and talk to people about. Neither was my first accidental death investigation pleasant. The child pornography ring I worked on was as vile as it gets and a giant organized crime investigation that put a lot of serious bad guys away was pretty scary too.

I've had my life threatened; had to relocate my family; been attacked while conducting surveillance, fallen through ceilings while installing covert surveillance and a few other serious incidents to speak of.

Private investigators often see bad things, talk to people about heart wrenching topics and try to solve complex problems that can at times get very serious.

Like a plumber, we sometimes don't see it coming, but we roll up our sleeves and tackle the job at hand.

2. Client Expectations

Just like my situation I shared at the outset of this post, sometimes client expectations are a bit skewed and it's our job as the private investigator to educate the client on how things really work.