3 Things You Need Before You Hire a Private Investigator

When it comes time to hire a private investigator, getting your ducks in a row can help launch an organized and methodical case.

Here's 3 things you can do to make starting your case a bit easier.

1. Your reason for hiring us Try to work out a succinct way of explaining to us why you want to hire us. Your reasons also open up doors to various legal methods we may use to help you know more about whatever the reason is that you are hiring us. We legally can't use all our sources for every type of investigation. For example, we need a "permissible purpose" such as the investigation of fraud or preparing for litigation or other legal strategy for much of the information we have access too.

2. Pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words and sometimes this is quite literal. If in doubt photograph documentation you may have limited access to. Any screen shots you have if it is an Internet issue like stalking or harassment. Photographs of the people involved or people you want us to place under surveillance is also a must have item.

3. Supporting documentation. Do you have supporting paperwork? Have you taken notes of dates, times and other pertinent information? Perhaps you have police reports or other legal documents. If so, this would be something that you may consider sharing with us to help your investigation build a solid base that we may find useful.

In Closing...

The point is that all this will help us to have the most complete picture when we meet with you. This will aid in creating a strategy more quickly and help you save money over us going out and hunting down documentation you may already have.

Efficiency helps us to create a streamlined investigation that saves time, money and builds a stronger investigation.