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02. Family Law

Marital Infidelity / Cheating Partner

I will help you with establishing infidelity in your personal romantic relationship. Marital infidelity and cheating partners are still a thing and devastatingly so. I will help you to connect the dots on whether your partner or spouse is being unfaithful and how they are doing so and with whom they are cheating with.

Locking their phones; changing passwords; unexplainable defensive behavior; lack of intimacy; lousy explanations for late nights out?

These are indications that someone may be unfaithful in your relationship. With 30 years of experience, I will guide and direct your investigation to give you greater clarity and intelligence that can be used at the bargaining table.

Cheaters destroy lives! Don't let an unfaithful husband or wife ruin your life. If your partner is unfaithful we will get the evidence that proves it so you can legally take charge with having accurate information that helps you establish more leverage when managing the divorce process.

Asset Investigations

During exploration of divorce let us provide you with in-depth asset investigations that lift the curtain on obscured bank accounts, properties, businesses, assets, etc. Don't let your partner lie and cheat their way through the divorce process. We get the evidence you need to prove their are assets possibly beyond what they disclose.


We will watch your partner to see who they are with, where they are going and what they are doing. We will gather facts that may show them in compromising situations so that you can gain the clarity you need to make sound decisions. 

Child Support, & Custody

We work on child custody matters and child support cases. No parent should be left holding the bag and we understand with three decades of experience what parents go through to just give their child the best chance at a normal life.

We catch deadbeats red handed! We find jobs a deadbeat parent may have, money in their bank accounts they lie about, assets they have and observe them when they have inappropriate behavior. Let me catch your deadbeat / absentee parent lying and cheating their way through the system while depriving your child of the love and material care they deserve.


We use surveillance to observe parents to see if they are abiding by the terms of the Court. We also observe whether children are left unattended, with family members and in hot cars. We keep track of how many meals and where the child has eaten, if the car seat is properly placed in the vehicle, if the parent drives according to local laws and if the child is placed in compromising situations that are unsafe both physically and mentally.

Locate Employment

Some parents purposefully lie about their employment. We find jobs with W-2 income, we find 1099 projects they may be doing, we identify employers that are paying under the table -- all so you have leverage against the parent to use in a legal manner to get what your child deserves.

Locate Assets & Banks

We also find all the accounts and ways  your child's parent can be hiding liquid assets - money. We help locate the banks where the money may be at, even if not previously disclosed. We look for other ways a parent may hide money in PayPal, Cash Card and many more.

Alimony, Palimony and Cohabitation Investigations


Palimony is when a couple has lived together for a long time, but not married, aka; common law marriage. You may have certain rights to support after the long-term relationship ends. Or, perhaps you are looking to dispute your ex-partners claim to palimony. We can provide financial investigations that may help you gain or dispute palimony claims.


Alimony is claims made to support after a marriage ends. A client may be due certain financial settlements that care for their ongoing support even after the marriage has been dissolved. We help clients determine if the other party is hiding assets that are supposed to be counted in alimony agreements. 


Perhaps the way out of your alimony or palimony payments may be to prove that the other party is cohabitating with another that may reduce or eliminate your monthly payment. We help our clients collect irrefutable proof that has in some cases saved our clients thousands of dollars per month!

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