Practice Areas

01. Civil Investigations

Are You Preparing for a Lawsuit or Small Claims Action?

We help clients navigate the complex landscape of civil matters by delivering investigatory services that help them prepare for litigation or leverage at the bargaining table.

  • Locate People / Witnesses

  • Find Assets 

  • Uncover hidden bank accounts

  • Discover relationships 

  • Connect people to companies and shell companies

  • Discover hidden agendas

Types of Civil Litigation We Investigate

Family Law

Family law is the branch of civil law that deals with marriage, divorcechild custodyadoption, birth, child support, spousal support, and any other issues affecting families. Please see our page on Family Law Here.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes apply to when one or both parties to a contract do no follow the contract and will not fulfill their obligations under said contract. We help private clients and law firms during complex contract disputes.

Property Disputes

Property disputes may show up as damage to property or infringement on private real estate property. 


There can be may different forms that tort case may look like. They can relate to a person’s personal safety, or property they feel is in jeopardy of being kept secure or safe. I can also apply to a persons financial security. Battery and negligence are types of tort cases that may apply to any person in any capacity including the elderly and infirm.

  85 Years  of Accumulated Practice

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