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Surveillance Investigations

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What is surveillance? In the context of an investigation, it usually means the discreet observation of a person, place or thing. Most often than not, we provide surveillance as part of a private investigation into the conduct and identity of people.

Clients hire us to observe or place the person under surveillance for any number of reasons where a proper surveillance investigation can yield results. But surveillance is not a perfect process and we aim to educate our clients on how to do a successful surveillance when watching an unfaithful partner, in a child custody case or when observing a work related claim.

What you need to know about surveillance

First of all, surveillance investigations are an art and a science. There is no one size fits all approach. Each case has particulars that will dictate how your surveillance investigation is handled.

Here are a few highlights we consider and so should you:

1. Your budget - Usually the more surveillance investigators you can hire, the greater the chance is for successfully completing a surveillance period.

2. Your budget (again) - The more you can budget for multiple surveillance periods, the greater the chance we will have the amount of time it takes to catch errant behavior, if in fact it is  going on. Surveillance needs time!

3. The person we are watching - Who are we watching, for what reason and what do they know? Questions about the person and their profession and other factors help us to decide many important surveillance considerations.

4. Is the surveillance static or mobile?  - This is a determining factor as to how many surveillance operatives your case will require.

5. What is the surveillance environment? - Country setting or city street parking? Do they live in an apartment or restricted community? Environmental factors will have a direct bearing on your surveillance matter.

Surveillance Investigations

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