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Stalking & Harassment


Are you being watched? Do you feel your movements are known? Do you see someone following you? Are you being harassed online?

We perform stalking and harassment investigations to clients who feel like someone is watching their every move.

Why should I get help for stalking and harassment?

Don't go this alone! You need someone to support you and gather information that can help identify and positively prove that another person is stalking or harassing you.

There are legal implications for not doing things the right way. There are benefits to ensuring you are using a licensed private investigator to help you. Cybersecurity firms are not licensed private investigators and they skirt the law to market to you at a time when you need a real investigator and a real in-house cybersecurity department that can also aid in the investigation of your stalker or harasser.

We help clients gain peace-of-mind at a time when they feel really scared. Sometimes our clients are correct in their assumptions and we help gather evidence to support their claims. Then our client can take their matter to an attorney or to law enforcement for further help to end the stalking and harassment.

Stalking & Harassment

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a stalking and harassment investigation cost?

Generally speaking, our initial package price starts between $2500-5600. Much will depend upon how intensive of an investigation is needed, especially as it relates to the use of our in-house cyber investigator.

How do you help me during a stalking incident?

First, we listen to all the facts after you engage our firm. Next, we create an immediate plan to start to positively identify who your stalker may be. Then we go to work proving this.

Will you follow me to catch my stalker?

This may be part of our strategy. We may provide countersurveillance to observe and attempt to identify your stalker. Your plan may vary and we will discuss a succinct plan after you engage with our firm.

Why should I hire a private investigator over a digital forensics style company?

Plain and simple. Digital forensics style companies are not private investigators. They are not investigators at all. They are adept at getting data pulled from a device or in working on cybersecurity issues. Most skirt the laws as it applies to private investigators making their website marketing depict them as investigators. Most states laws are clear that they may not perform any investigative task without being licensed. You wouldn't hire a paralegal to do the job of a lawyer, would you?

 Why hire Steve Garrett, PI

  • We don't suck at stalking and harassment cases.

  • We are experienced by conducting these type of investigations each year.

  • Because you can hire me. Fair prices and excellent client relations at a time when you don't know who to count on.

  • I promise sensitivity during a missing person case.

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