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social media investigations

Like a treasure chest Social Media can be a large trove of undiscovered and useful gems of information.

We conduct Social Media investigations to help us identify potential activity that may work against doctors orders, court orders or prove that someone is living contrary to what they state.

Do I need a Social Media Investigation?

Social media tells a big story. It is the city center of peoples daily life, vacations, food, local happenings, beliefs, family and more. Often Social Media depicts positive and negative life events that may be useful in a legal investigation.


Whether it is complaints about ex-partners, or photos of the the child at the beach but was not allowed to go that far in a child custody case, or used in other due diligence matters.

We can specifically conduct Social Media investigations as a direct investigation, or we can use it as supplemental intelligence, giving us more leads in an investigatory pursuit. There are multiple approaches to Social Media and the use of the content. It is up to our client's or legal teams to decide what content applies to the case at hand and if it can hurt or help the legal case they are vested in.

Social Media investigations can be used very creatively, we look at it as intelligence gathering that may aid an investigation. Common practices such as infidelity are not the only case example. We also use it in financial matters during an asset investigation as well.

Whatever your need for Social Media our cybersecurity and cyber investigations can help create the case that best serves your needs.

Social Media Investigations

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a Social Media investigation cost?

There are many avenues to go down in a Social Media investigation. We generally start at $600 with a mid-range of $1250 and more complex cases with many more details cost around $2500.

Can you break into Social Media accounts?

No. We can't break into anything. All of our investigations are legal and ethically conducted. We do not hack or break into any Social Media.

Can a Social Media investigation help my case?

It can. It depends on the account holders activity and how your legal counsel chooses to use it. Social Media investigations are especially helpful when the account holder is going about life with disregard to certain parameters that may be in place.

What Social Media accounts do you investigate?

All of them, and then some. There are hundreds and some pretty obscure ones we find partners in that should not be there.

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