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Romance Scams & Dating Lies

Image by Michael Fenton

Romance Scams

Love is in the air! You are floating on cloud nine. Then a few things spring up and you start to wonder if the person you are talking to or dating in person might be telling you some wonderful stories.

You are not alone! We get multiple calls a week for our dating and romance scam investigations. Don't be fooled by these common scams and lies that can lead to heartache and financial ruin.

Don't Be a Victim of Romance Scams

We are very well versed and experienced in the area of investigation into truth behind a romantic relationship. We help dozens of clients each month for as little as $400 validate key points they need to know to clarify that the relationship they are in is legitimate.

Our California private investigation firm goes to work on confirming or denying what you have been told. Is their name real? Do they live where they say the do? Are they really the age they say? Is there phone number registered to them? Does their life story match? Are they married?

There are many more points you may be wondering and for as little as $350 we can help you know whether the person you are dating is real or not. Whether they speak the truth about their finances, criminal history and more!

What Can You Lose?

I will tell you what some of our clients have lost and you decide if you can't be fooled by a liar in a relationship.

Actor, in movies you've seen, lost reputation to an Online extortion case we were engaged to investigate.

Doctor and head of a massive UAE hospital system called us to investigate a huge blackmail case that spanned over $100,000 in losses and loss of his wife.

Psychologist who lost $300,000 to a romance scam that took many elaborate forms.

A medical specialist who lost an estimated $800,000 in a scam that took place for many years. 

We can go on! This is serious. Get answers to who you are really interested in by calling us now!

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