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Missing Person Investigations

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It's damn scary. When a loved one goes missing don't wait! Contact local law enforcement and then contact the detectives at Steve Garrett Integrity Investigators.

Our clients sometimes wait too long. Time impedes our ability to find people quickly. If you have a case of a missing person let us get started immediately.

Why Should I Hire Steve Garrett to Find a Missing Person?

I've been hired dozens of times in 30 years of service. People hire me to help find their missing loved one because I respond quickly and I am adept at managing a team of family and friends that are willing to help.

I desperately want to find your missing loved one. I could not imagine the grief and fright you must feel. Contact me to help aid law enforcement in searching for the person that is  missing. We have worked with law enforcement many times and with our in-house technical investigation lead investigator we can service your investigation full stop.

Missing Person Investigations

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a missing person investigation cost?

Other private investigators lie to you when they charge so little. They give you false hope and it is nearly impossible to find someone in a day - although that is always the hope. We charge $2500 per day to conduct missing person investigations which includes two investigators. There is no time to waste!

How do you find missing people?

We have old fashioned techniques coupled with our own in-house cyber investigator. We can quickly get to the subject's technology and that is a starting point to finding a missing person.

Will you work 24/7 to find a missing person?

Yes. Should that be what you would like us to do, within reason, we can work non-stop or have shifts of private detectives working non-stop to help you find your missing loved one.

What does the average missing person case cost?

There is no average. Most clients hire us for several days to help them really jump start the investigation.

 Why hire Steve Garrett, PI

  • We don't suck at finding people. We work diligently and quickly to locate missing people.

  • We are experienced by conducting these type of investigations each year.

  • Because you can hire me. Fair prices and excellent client relations at a time when you don't know who to count on.

  • I promise sensitivity during a missing person case.

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We take great pride in offering real professional detective services. Our private investigations are custom tailored to each individual client without data dumping and false promises. You will find no better client relation experience and being a boutique private investigation firm allows us to do just that. You will always deal with me directly, no secretary, no bureaucracy or red tape. Call me at (888) 867-6788 to begin your investigation today!


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