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Find People

Private  finds people for any number of reasons. As California detectives, a great deal of work we do is to locate people. Our people locates are thorough and used multiple sources to give our clients the best possible information.

You get  30 years of investigative experience every time you hire Private. We assist people nationally and work quickly to get you the investigative information you need. 

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We look where others don't.

Find a Person

Do you need to find someone quickly? Are you looking for a lost loved one, or to serve legal papers, or dozens of other reasons you need to locate a person?

We specialize in locating people. People who hide, people who don't want to be found. But, we can also find the people you need to find after you wasted your time on Google.

We don't use those online sources, because they are far from accurate and they are nothing special. All those find-a-person search sites do is scrape the internet for information, but none of it is helpful when someone is laying low or off the radar. You can try those first, especially when looking for someone like your great aunt Edna, but not for matters where a person may be difficult to locate.

Why Hire Private to Locate a Person?

When you buy crappy data online, you don't have a professional to validate that data. You take it as gospel when it is really open source information that anyone can buy. It is not comprehensive data like we use that we must be licensed private investigators to access. Our data sources also require our offices be inspected. We are insured. We have to follow permissible purposes. And the list goes on.

  • We access hundreds of millions of records not publicly available.

  • We cross check information against many sources.

  • We have access to utility information.

  • We have access to cell phone data.

  • We have access to drivers license data.

  • We have access to license plate recognition.

  • We have access to vehicle registration data.

  • Plus, we have access to multiple other channels we have created, and contacts we have after decades of experience.

Private Investigators Get Answers 

Private investigators is how people have obtained information on people for the last 200 years, and we will continue. There is no concern that private investigators will go by the way side because of technology. In fact, it is a reason we continue to work, and adapt to the ever changing landscape of personal, business and legal issues.