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Divorce Preparation

Family Dispute

The unfortunate reality is that divorce is a sad state of our world today. Marriages are treated as if they are as disposable as last years mobile phone. People have lost their character and no longer fight to save their marriages as they once did.

We understand their are extenuating circumstances in life, and our clients come to us to help them preparing for divorce before or during a family law matter.

We are investigators and we find information that may be useful in making the decision to begin divorce proceedings. We help clients also locate assets so that they are well prepared before the divorce suit takes place.

Why Should I Prepare For Divorce with Steve Garrett?

We help clients gather valuable information so that you have leverage when you begin divorce negotiations. There is a lot at stake such as your character, your honor, your children, your ability to get alimony, your access to money in the bank and your personal assets such as home goods, vehicles, home, etc.

We catch people being unfaithful.

We find hidden bank accounts your partner may be hiding from you.

We help you or your lawyer establish all assets.

We assist you in finding your partners hidden businesses.

We help you to establish alimony.

We ensure no stone is unturned to make sure you get what you deserve.

Divorce Preparation

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Frequently asked questions

Will my spouse know they are under investigation?

Nope. We have a long track record of never spilling the beans. Once you engage our firm your private matter stays private.

How much does divorce preparation cost?

This will depend on what you would like us to do. Catch them cheating starts at $1400 per day for surveillance. Locate bank accounts starts at $1250.

Why should I know where all the assets are before I file for divorce?

Because time and time again your spouse will attempt to hide the facts. When it is known in advance of your filing then you can catch them in lies and watch them perjure themselves before the court. Or, this knowledge can be used ahead of time to gain greater legal leverage.

Do you find hidden money?

Yes! This is one of the most important things to discover. Often your spouse may tell the court they have one bank account, and the court has no way to check the validity of this claim. But, when you hire Steve Garrett we will find out for sure any and all banks they do business with.

 Why hire Steve Garrett, PI

  • We don't suck at helping you prepare for divorce.

  • We are experienced by conducting these type of investigations each month.

  • Because you can hire me. Fair prices and excellent client relations at a time when you don't know who to count on.

  • I guarantee discretion. We will never tell anyone we work for you.

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